Champions League final tickets Manchester City Inter, scalping alarm -

Champions League final tickets Manchester City Inter, scalping alarm -

For the Champions League final between Manchester City and Inter, the scalping alarm went off: there are those who ask for 1,500 euros for a code

The scourge of scalping returned to strike on the occasion of the Champions League final on 10 June between Manchester City and Inter
is infuriating Nerazzurri fans on social media. In recent days, the Viale Liberazione club has distributed the codes needed to access the sale of tickets for the match against Pep Guardiola's team to season-ticket holders and the most loyal members. The sale is managed directly by UEFA, but in order to purchase a coupon, it is necessary to have one of the codes that the company has reserved only for the most loyal Nerazzurri fans. The search for the shortcut, however, never ends.

The strategy of the scalpers and the precedent

In fact, online announcements of subscribers and members (or presumed members) are multiplying, who make their code available for a hefty payment. They range from around 300 euros (to which the cost of the ticket must then be added) up to 1,500 euros. Something crazy. And Inter? Already in recent weeks, the Nerazzurri have guaranteed their fans rigorous checks to track down possible scalpers, as happened during the derby in the semifinal, when some fans were in fact canceled their season ticket as well as their ticket. So, given the precedent, it's easy to imagine the measure that will be taken for those who really put the code up for sale, while there are those who pretend to have it and set a trap for Inter supporters. Scams are always around the corner.

May 31, 2023 (change May 31, 2023 | 11:03 am)

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