celebrate Lukaku's third goal, but it's a replay - Corriere.it

celebrate Lukaku's third goal, but it's a replay - Corriere.it

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Maurizio Compagnoni, well-known commentator for Sky Sport, became the protagonist of a small gaffe during Inter-Atalanta. The error made the rounds on the web

Accidents that can happen, even if your name is Maurice Compagnoni and you are one of the best known faces of Sky Sports and one of the best football commentators. Compagnoni made everyone smile when in the 8th minute Inter v Atalanta – with Simone Inzaghi's team already two goals ahead after less than three minutes thanks to a show start – commented a personal action by Lukaku with great emphasis: Attention, he's still starting, only in front of Sportiello. Lukaku again, Lukakuuuu, 3-0, Compagnoni's celebration, who for a second later immediately corrects himself: No, sorry. It was the replay. And in fact the images were those of the first goal, when the Chelsea-owned striker had given his teammates the lead in just 39''. A curtain that soon made the rounds of the web.

A mistake that many would have made, however, Frit was the simple fact that the playmaker had reproduced an action from the first minute of the game in the 8th minute and at normal speed: Among other things, I had just finished the Fiorentina-Roma live broadcast - Compagnoni explained on his social channels, responding with his usual serenity to the jokes of some fans - I think a little tiredness is normal.

May 28, 2023 (change May 28, 2023 | 10:39)

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