Brozovic, Messi, Benzema and Milinkovic, those who choose non-competitive championships -

Brozovic, Messi, Benzema and Milinkovic, those who choose non-competitive championships -

Of Carlos Passerini

Pel also went to New York at the end of his career, but now younger players are moving at the height of his career, from Milinkovic Savic to Brozovic to Koulibaly. Years ago there was China, India's parenthesis did not last long

Money, money, money. Many. But mostly easy. To such an extent that there are those who choose to give up a real career, in football that matters, at the height of age and form, in order to get rich in distant places, in minor leagues. Mercenaries? Perhapsbut let us not be scandalized, pleasealso because it has always happened: even the great Pel, already in 1975, but at the age of 35, he flew to New York for the dollars of soccer made in the USA. It was supposed to be the dawn of American soccer, but it remained an illusion, as often happens. Look at China, where the balloon bubble burst seven to eight years ago after Xi Jinping's government changed strategies. Many of our players managed to sign very rich contracts in time, such as Pell, center forward (at the time) of the national team, who played for Shandong from 2016 to 2020, before returning to Italy at the age of 35. Economically my life turned around he admitted. He's unemployed today, but that won't be a big problem: he's earned it 60 million in 4 seasons. In 2019 El Shaarawy he agreed with Shenhua for three years for 16 million, becoming the highest paid Italian in the world. He too, when the ATM closed, went home. Like many coaches: from Lippi to Capello to Cannavaro.

All in Saudi Arabia

The Chinese dream faded, now it's time for Saudi Arabia: the indiscreet charm of petrodollars. Here too, everything is based on a geopolitical question, with the Riad government betting strongly on football (and on the organization of the 2030 or 2034 World Cup) to rebuild its global image. Business and football. Cristiano Ronaldo was just the beginning: Benzema a At the age of 35, he left Real Madrid, with whom he won the last Ballon d'Or, for a maxi check of 100 million per season to Al-Ittihad. More questionable (and worrying) for the choice of the now former Lazio player Milinkovic, who at 28 instead of signing for a big European club said yes to Al-Hilal for 20 million a season: at least three times what he would have earned in England, the richest tournament (so far) in the world. Like him, the former Neapolitan Koulibaly, 32 years old: welcomed like a rock star, he risks ending his career early. Provided that the emerging Saudi Pro League does not really become a tournament comparable to the Premier, as they hope there. Possible?

Financial doping One thing for sure: the Pif sovereign wealth fund shopping in our Serie A is scary. And the president of the Lega di A, Lorenzo Casini, rightly spoke of financial doping. Brozovic said goodbye to Inter at the age of 30 and for 25 million a year. A fortune. Cordaz, the third Nerazzurri goalkeeper, who at the age of 40 goes to Al Nassr, will earn much less. Significant story, his. Because not only the big names, but also the reserves are now dreaming of a star salary: one million euros for him. The summer will be long and many will follow him: the next one could be Pogba, now rejected by Juve. It all depends on age – explains the former striker Alessandro Altobelli, who worked as a commentator in Qatar -. Easy choices in sport don't pay, you will see that many will regret it and will soon turn back.

The Brief Fashion of India

If this is the Arab summer, in 2014 it was India's time. A fad that didn't last long, but enough to convince Del Piero to sign up for the last season of his amazing career for Delhi Dynamos, at 2 million a season. But he was 40, not 25. Last summer the musts were Türkiye and Canada. Many have arrived on the Bosphorus, attracted by a growing championship and above all by an advantageous taxation, at 20%. Also for this reason, the 24-year-old Zaniolo chose Galatasaray and an engagement worth 3 million a year net, when he could have made more courageous choices. Like his mate Icardiwho always dreams of Milan, where he had a great time, but who in Istanbul finds 700,000 euros in his current account every month: a personal chef is included in the contract.

In Switzerland there is Balotelli, who has a 3 million paycheck at Sion. His future could be in Mexico. Overseas, on the other hand, they have already landed in 2022 Insigne And Bernardeschi, who had left Naples and Juve for Toronto, the American dream, explaining that there were also family reasons behind the change of life. The first earns 7.5 million euros, the second 4.5. The latter could already return to Italy. Also because the season was bad: Toronto FC penultimate in Mls, the US tournament in which they play Chiellini (Los Angeles Fc) and now also Messi, linked to Inter Miami, where he will earn 150 million dollars for two and a half years, a lot, but much less than the 400 million a year offered by the Saudis. I want to play but also enjoy life admitted the Flea.

In short: money, but also life choices. Ask Checco Moriero, ex Inter, now head coach of the Maldives. Morning at the beach, afternoon at the camp. I may not get rich, but you want to put?

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