Boxing, De Carolis 2.0: in the ring as a boxer and organizer. Saturday evening in Ostia also Rossetti and Faraoni

Boxing, De Carolis 2.0: in the ring as a boxer and organizer.  Saturday evening in Ostia also Rossetti and Faraoni


Giovanni De Carolis 2.0. The Lazio player, 39 years old in August, has long been one of the points of reference in Italian boxing, one of the few capable of giving the movement a world title in recent years. On Saturday evening he will enter the Ostia ring in a double role: protagonist of the main event and organizer. I count the Brazilian Douglas Ataide in a meeting managed by his ‘De Carolis Promotion’. “Becoming an organizer was a necessity rather than a choice. I suffered two postponements of matches with Scardina well before Daniele unfortunately felt ill, and this after having done scrupulous preparation twice in England. I went out of the rankings, they took away my intercontinental title”.

The example of some great boxing

Hence the idea of ​​going it alone: ​​”Even top-level people like Canelo and Usyk have their own company, which doesn’t mean that you can’t rely on others for big events”. The one in Ostia, which will be broadcast live on Dazn, is a good-level event: “Management is difficult. We need TV, sponsors, spaces. That of the Palafijlkam is an important location, I hope soon we can return to fight in Rome, at the Palazzetto dello sport in Viale Tiziano “. The secret of a good meeting is to propose credible opponents. It is, you know even with a career full of ups and downs, Altaide, Brazilian from São Paulo: in the palmares that a meeting the Japanese Ryota Murata.

Against Sadjo for the European, French mission

In De Carolis’ sights, however, there is the missing piece of a perfect career: world champion, of Italy, the European title is missing. He is official challenger of the all-powerful French of Cameroonian origin Kevin Sadjo: 20 fights all won, 18 by knockout. The match in France: “Considering that I’m concentrated first of all on Saturday’s match, I don’t mind playing for the European Championship abroad. Sadjo is a good boxer, but he has characteristics suited to my boxing. I’m confident”.

Pietro Rossetti in the co-main event

Speaking of real matches, the co-main event between Pietro Rossetti and the Frenchman Yanis Mehah is very interesting, with the European Union welterweight title up for grabs. Rossetti seems to have found the definitive leap in quality in his victory last March in France, when he liquidated his home idol, Mohamed Kani, in two rounds. “That match made me understand even more that I can reach the top. Not only from a technical point of view, but also from a character point of view. Going to France and winning in that world gave me awareness of my means”.

“Knowing is not an obsession”

Twenty-four years old, a Roman from the San Giovanni district, Rossetti always draws the public’s attention with his spectacular boxing, charged with the electricity of the knockout: “But to knock down your opponent you don’t have to think only of that. A mistake that can be made is precisely focusing on the obsessive search for the ko. You get there by placing strong and precise shots, like one of my idols, Roberto Duran did.”

The idol Roberto Duran

You say Manos de piedra and you think of the lights of the American rings: “My goal is to get there and fight for the world title and step by step I will succeed. This is also why I only make ‘true’ matches, like the next one. A tough opponent, but rightly so.”
Meanwhile, the match this time will have an important audience: “We needed it, also because few people saw the one in France in Italy and thanks to social media…”. Determined, beyond the somewhat bombastic alias, ‘The Butcher’: “I was a butcher in a supermarket chain, but lately I help out if it happens on weekends. In reality I am dedicating myself almost exclusively to boxing”.

Card with 12 matches, Mattia Faraoni returns to boxing

Very rich evening, with a card of 12 meetings. Waiting for Mattia Faraoni, who returns to boxing after two successful years in kickboxing. The former Italian light heavyweight champion will face the Brazilian Ventura. In the superlights, an interesting Roman derby between Marco Filippi and Mauro Loli (9 5 0 ) in eight times. In the women’s field, the former European featherweight champion Annalisa Brozzi prepares the relaunch by facing the debutant Eva Magno.


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