Blandamura and Murata, a story of fists and friendship: meeting 5 years after the world match

Blandamura and Murata, a story of fists and friendship: meeting 5 years after the world match

The quiet after the storm. One thinks of Leopardi's masterpiece when we see two boxers embracing in the ring after a bitter battle. And it makes you think about it even more when those two become friends. Emanuele Blandamura and Ryota Murata they first met in Yokohama, Japan. One was world champion, idol of a people with a great boxing tradition but not used to having such a strong boxer in a category like that of the middleweights. The other had arrived in the Far East with his story not always easy, and with that European belt wanted at any cost. Without fear, facing - defeated with honor - the likes of Billy Joe Sanders and Michel Soro, then winning the derby with the current holder of the belt, the evergreen Matteo Signani.

Stories of ring and friendship

The match was won by Murata after 8 intense rounds. After that, just friendship. In boxing more often than you think. Max Schmeling and Joe Louis they had become friends after fighting two matches that entered not only the history of boxing, but precisely that of the last century. And so many others.

The meeting in Florence

Murata and Blandamura they met in Florence: Ryota, who in the meantime retired from boxing, spent some time there for a TV report on Florentine football. “I came out of that meeting forged – recalls Morata-, I didn't expect an opponent as fast as Emanuele. I won but at the same time I learned a lot”. “I was aware of the importance of the title and the caliber of my opponent, ready to become a legend – replies Emanuele -. Then he won the best, but I didn't come out of that match as a loser but enriched, because I faced myself head-on ”.

Blandamura is now, among other things, testimonial of the federation in the fight against bullying: “Being violent means choosing to be a puppet in the hands of self-centeredness. The exact opposite of boxing, a confrontation on equal terms. Obviously it's hitting, but above all fighting, dodging, coming to terms with the truth”.

Emanuele and Ryota also mimed a face-to-face of those that take place in press conferences or weighing. And there was a moment of nostalgia…”The intensity of those looks for a moment awakened in me the desire to return to the ring. But I haven't found the fire from that match. Let's say it's still there, it's dormant but it exists. Maybe more conscientious and channeled differently.”

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