Bergomi loses his head for Inter in commentary and controversy breaks out on social media -

Bergomi loses his head for Inter in commentary and controversy breaks out on social media -

Of Salvatore Riggio

In the final minutes of Porto's assault against the Nerazzurri defence, the former Nerazzurri defender even let out a «Grande Dumfries, grandeeee!!!»

Not only Lele Adani in the Rai commentary during the Argentina matches and in front of the spells of Lionel Messi in Qatar, but also Beppe Bergomi, former Inter captain and now also a Sky commentator, let himself go during the excited finale of the round of 16 second leg between Porto and the Nerazzurri. Especially in the 95', when Dumfries he saved on the line: «Grande Dumfries, grandeeee!!!», when Sergio Conceiçao's men in a single action hit a post and the crossbar: «The strikers must defendeeee!!!».

«One thinks that the older you get, the better you manage your emotions, but today I realized that this is not the case. We saw the group's sense of belonging, of a team that had always conceded goals away from home and today instead pulled out the performance. Suffering, but really good...", he commented, after the show at a time when Simone Inzaghi's team was suffering from the initiatives of the Lusitanians, several times in recovery very close to the 1-0 goal, which would have made the match to overtime. «For the commentary, the last few minutes were a great suffering. When matches get so long you have to know how to resist in the crucial moments: Onana's saves, Dumfries and Darmian's saves are the situations that exalted me the most. To chase your dreams you have to work hard and today Inter did it, succeeding," added Bergomi.

Naturally, as often happens in these cases, social networks have divided. «In recovery we played in 12, great Uncle Bergomi» or «Uncle Bergomi always one of us», the most popular comments for those who get excited with the commentary. Or those against: «He didn't do that for Berlin 2006 either» or «I felt like I was following Inter Channel». But in an excited moment like that, with Inter giving Italy the second team in the quarter-finals – after Milan and waiting for Napoli – Bergomi can perhaps even be forgiven for a few over the top sentences.

March 15, 2023 (change March 15, 2023 | 09:29)

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