because the club wants to keep the seventh place and the

because the club wants to keep the seventh place and the

Of Ariadne Ravelli

The Juventus club will propose a maximum fine, the Court could add a few penalty points. It is important to maintain qualification for the Conference so as to immediately discount the eventual exclusion from UEFA

The words of were therefore revealing Francesco Calvo, director of the Juventus sports area, in the pre-match match against Milan: We believe we have been unfairly punished, but it's now water under the bridge. Not all the fans appreciated this attempt to turn the page, but that's exactly what should happen today, as well as the wisest choice.

Juventus has in fact decided to ask for a plea deal
on the second line of investigation, the one concerning salary maneuvers, exchanges with other clubs and irregular relations with agents and for this reason he asked the FIGC to anticipate the hearing before the Federal Court scheduled for 15 June. The club - which, through Calvo himself and the president Gianluca Ferrero has naturally already had discussions with the Public Prosecutor's Office, led by Giuseppe Chin - will ask to be punished with a maximum fine, we will see if the Court deems it fair, or add a penalty in slight points, maybe a couple.

But let's go in order. This trend was, in theory, the one that many observers considered most worrying because it concerned, as is known, the private agreements signed during the pandemic for the 2019-2020 and '20-'21 seasons, according to which the players recovered their monthly wages of salary renounced, without being entered in the balance sheet or deposited in the Lega and Federcalcio.

The club - already punished with 10 penalty points for capital gains by the Federal Court - is challenged for direct and objective responsibility for the behavior of eight of its managers, always referred for article 4, lack of loyalty: Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Fabio Paratici, Federico Cherubini, Giovanni Manna, Paolo Morganti, Stefano Braghin and Cesare Gabasio.

The club, as mentioned, will ask to be punished only with a maximum fine: the precondition - which interests the prosecutor - the waiver of any type of appeal on the first line, that on capital gains, both before the guarantee college and before the TAR. Prosecutor Chin will have to express his consent, then the Court will withdraw to decide the correctness of the legal process and the adequacy of the sentence. The alternative, as mentioned, will be to add a slight penalty of points.

Had the plea deal been attempted prior to the referral, should have had the backing of the federal president (and the discount would have been half the sentence, which is difficult to quantify), however, at this stage, with the referrals already in place, the agreement (maximum of a third of the discount ) only between defense and prosecution, with the final decision of the Tribunal. But if we go so far, we can hypothesize a positive conclusion.

The goal of the Juventus club is to close every slope here, without risking handicapped starts on the next championship (possible by going to trial instead, because it is not clear when the possible penalty would have been served) and maintaining seventh place. At most, the club could accept 2-3 additional penalty points (Juventus now have 59 points and Torino and Fiorentina 53, in theory they could all therefore reach 56 with Juve ahead): in this way, if you add, as probable, the one-year exclusion from the Cups by UEFA, Juventus would skip the Conference League. A sacrifice judged tolerable. If he does not qualify for any competition, however, UEFA would trigger the exclusion the first time useful. We will see today which legal technicality allows the agreement: whether to keep the sanctions of the two strands distinct or to unite them under the constraint of continuation, that is, to assume that they are all within a single criminal design. It will be a compromise, which as such will discontent the supporters of both sides. But the risk of another penalty for Juventus was too great.

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