Alien Verstappen, Norris 8.5, Ferrari and Vasseur from 4-

Alien Verstappen, Norris 8.5, Ferrari and Vasseur from 4-

Of Flavio Vanetti

Max and the seventh win in a row: Ascari, Schumacher and Rosberg equaled. Leclerc gets another penalty, not for the season. Aston Martin flattened, Bottas no longer Iceman2, but Burro

The Hungarian GP has therefore certified that Ferrari's timid spring has already ended, cut short not by a sudden frost but by the 50 degrees of the Hungaroring asphalt. We don't know whether or not the torrid heat has something to do with it, certainly the concept that an obviously incomplete project is almost never overturned during construction. It was considered a favorable track for the Cavallino: amen. And just to stay religious, Kyrie eleison, Lord have mercy. Ah, if you don't know, Max Verstappen won again, but this is by now the obvious law of this F1 that can't offer real alternatives, not even thinking about the good Lando Norris or that Lewis Hamilton who, after his sensational return to pole position, pulled the race into the lead with a goofy start.

Max Verstappen: 44

The tide of Orange fans, a phenomenon that sooner or later someone will have to study, still moves the abacus in the name of the unsurpassed idol: 44 wins, 9 in 2023. The last 7 are in a row: Ascari, Schumacher and Rosberg equaled. As the others trudged, SuperMax stretched, merging his silhouette with that of RB 19: a shapeshifting Alien.

RB 19:11

A vote equal to the consecutive victories (undefeated in the year) of the masterpiece car of Adrian Newey and his staff: equaled by the 1988 McLaren MP4/4, designed by Gordon Murray and Steve Nichols (he finished the season with 15 out of 16). It must also be said that Red Bull's consecutive victories, adding the last one in 2022, are 12.

HERE the report of the Hungarian GP

Lando Norris: 8.5

First of the others, even if with the suspicion of the team's help thanks to a pit stop that favored the undercut on Oscar Piastri. McLaren (score 7/8) suffered from the hard tyres, but Lando buffered the unfavorable situation and prevented Perez from scoring one-two for the Red Bull drinkers.

Sergio Perez: 8

Objectively a good race: after a qualifying that was no longer catastrophic but still incomplete (ninth place), a quality podium arrived with the icing of a nasty overtaking on Russell. Helmut Marko kicked out De Vries and put Ricciardo back on the Alpha Tauri. And maybe Sergio understood that a message for him.

Oscar Piastri: 7

Great start and great enfilade to settle in second place. In the long game, however, McLaren becomes a slippery bar of soap that drops him to fifth place.

George Russell: 7

After the 4 he deserved in qualifying, here is a positive GP seasoned with the house specialty: moving up the standings, even if sixth place is not a godsend and also stems from the sanction imposed on Leclerc.

Lewis Hamilton: 6.5

The masterpiece of pole position number 104 was ruined by a start in which not only Verstappen but also the two McLarens spun away. Even star players can sometimes turn into drivers of the crossed out 32.

Charles Leclerc: 5/6

Just so as not to miss anything, he gets another penalty (this time for entering the pit lane too fast): from sixth he becomes seventh and is ahead of Sainz by 7/10. The first failing pit stop due to a malfunctioning pistol: in short, in one way or another, not a moment. And certainly not season.

Fernando Alonso: 5

The Aston Martin (voto 4) flattened. Fernando tries to blame the new Pirelli tyres, which would seem to benefit others. Uhmmm, questionable release, made to mask developments that are not there or are not progressing well. And then, Verstappen is not going backwards…

Carlos Sainz: 4.5

The great start – from eleventh to sixth – quickly disappeared like a chimera. When he tries to attack Russell, he collects Perez's run and immediately after that of the Englishman: the doors, Carlos, close!

Ferraris: 4

The red is not that of glorious victories, but that of a shrimp that retreats.

Frederic Vasseur: 4

He doesn't move his tongue so much, all right. But the Ferrari team principal is now at least moving his hands to sort out a team that is once again dangerously heeled in the stormy sea.

Valtteri Bottas: 3

We need to give him a new nickname: no longer Iceman-2 (the 1, we recall, was and remains Kimi Raikkonen), but Butter. By now even the machines at the Luna Park are overtaking him.

Guanyu Zhou: 0

They engaged him at the national Bowling in Budapest: he struck Ricciardo, who – innocent – ​​then demolished the races of the two Alpines within a few metres. The primacy in Q1 of qualifying must have inebriated the Alfa Romeo Chinese.

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