Yunus, sustainable purchasing strategy at the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics

Yunus, sustainable purchasing strategy at the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympics

Yesterday at Trento Economics Festival 2023 . Today at the Milano-Cortina 2026 Foundation. Double Italian "presence" for Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner on May 28 at the event organized by the 24 Ore Group and on the 29th at the headquarters of the organization that organizes the Winter Olympics which will be held in 3 years time between Lombardy and Veneto. In Milan, the economist, considered the founder of microcredit, will collaborate through his Yunus Sport Hub to achieve the goal of having the Olympic Games have the greatest positive impact on the territory, promoting a sustainable purchasing strategy.

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The reason for the visit

Economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus met with the Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of Milan Cortina 2026 at the headquarters of the Foundation in Milan for the signing of the Memorandum of understanding (Mou) for the development of a Legacy project which starts in 2023, to have impacts well beyond 2026.

The objectives of the project

The objective of the agreement is, as mentioned, to assist the Foundation in the implementation of a sustainable procurement strategy. In the first phase, the purchase categories of Milano Cortina 2026 that can have the greatest social impact will be identified, to then collaborate with a whole series of small and medium-sized companies to ensure that purchases, including those of the Foundation's partners who want to enter the project, can create the greatest possible social benefit. The project will be implemented by the Foundation together with the Yunus Sports Hub and from the whole ecosystem referring to Professor Yunus.

The meeting with the employees

During the morning of 29 May, in addition to signing the Mou, Muhammad Yunus met the employees of Milano Cortina 2026 and a selection from the world of social business in the auditorium. «Professor Muhammad Yunus is a source of great inspiration – said Giovanni Malagò, President of the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation - for the contribution it provides to the world of sport through its commitment to the development of the network of social enterprises. For some time it has been collaborating with the International Olympic Committee, so that together we can achieve the goal of having the Games that have the greatest positive impact on the territory in which they are held. I thank him for his visit and I am happy that Milano Cortina 2026 can be an accelerator of these processes".

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus (fourth from left) with Andrea Varnier

A push for change

“We are very grateful to Professor Muhammad Yunus – said Andrea Varnier, CEO of the Milano Cortina 2026 Foundation - for this meeting and for his attention to people using the power of sport to promote change. There are various collaborations between the Olympic world and the Yunus Sport Hub, starting from Pyeongchang 2018, up to Paris 2024. The goal is to create a synergy between the largest sporting event in the world, which we will host in Italy in 2026, and the world of social entrepreneurship and the circular economy".

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