Yare, the superyacht market at +174 boats in 2022

Yare, the superyacht market at +174 boats in 2022

Yare, an acronym for Yachting Aftersales & Refit Experience, the trade show between superyacht captains, shipyards, companies and insiders organized by Navigo in Viareggio, takes stock of the market as is tradition. And it's good. The momentum of good winds has been confirmed for the Italian boating sector, which «plays the role of world leader in the sector – recalled Vincenzo Poerio, president of Yare -. The latest data on the sector consolidate structural growth and the result is exceptional, with a global turnover that recorded the figure of 6.1 billion in 2021 and a double-digit percentage increase”.

The forecasts are rosy too. According to the assessments and estimates of The Superyacht Group, organizer of the superyacht forum, the picture of the trend of yachts underway and under delivery over the next decade (2020 - 2031), included in the range between 30 and up to + 90 meters, with the end of 2022 «have increased by 174 units delivered, forming a total fleet of 5,902 boats». The main categories of the market remain yachts from 30 to 60 m, with «interesting developments in the higher length ranges and with an annual trend of deliveries - from now until 2031 - stabilized at an average of 165 yachts/year».

Vincenzo Poerio, president of Yare

A forecast that also takes into account new emerging markets, such as those offered by some countries such as Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Montenegro and Vietnam where tourist destinations and requests are developing. It is a trend that is also essential to give stability to the refit, aftermarket and services market. Refitting, in particular, is a great challenge for Italy: the more superyachts increase, the more maintenance will be required; the more the order portfolios grow, the more shipowners could decide not to wait and to buy a used one or to renew their boat. Thus, the demand for the refit will grow. And there are several countries that are targeting us.

Poerio, on this front, of the challenge of the future, has indicated three directions to pursue. «In our country there is a single large district where large and historic brands are flanked by highly skilled companies that strengthen their position – he explained -. If on the one hand it is necessary to possess great skills and great creativity as demonstrated by our entrepreneurial fabric in order to continue in the process of consolidating our leadership and in its international growth, it is necessary to combine flair and competence, a capacity for cohesion and collaboration between companies of the entire sector to face new industrial policies and new internal and external scenarios caused by the war and the energy crisis».

There are three focuses that need to be worked on: innovation, services and training. Innovation understood as the development of new products and improvement of existing ones and sustainability, but also the evolution of the management of work processes and digitization while maintaining a custom-made soul which is one of the strengths of the Italian nautical industry. «Overall, the number of people employed in the nautical sector has increased and the positive trend has transversally characterized all sectors of the sector: a conversion of employees to

new, more digital, more interconnected jobs».

It's still. «The reception services on board and on land, the ports and marinas are essential to assist our customers, to offer high-level customer care, to give continuity to our work and to develop tourist destinations of great value. “The nautical sector is booming and there is a need – concludes the president Yare – to have highly qualified personnel. On training, it is essential to move on various levels. Training young people, as well as a duty, is important to guarantee them a future in the world of work".

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