With Monica Maggioni on Tg1 we only saw good journalism

With Monica Maggioni on Tg1 we only saw good journalism

Neither TgDraghi, nor TgMeloni. The reference news of the Italians showed the professional attachment to a job well done, without protagonisms. Thanks to a solid crew, predominantly female, which has found a female helmsman capable of enhancing it

Tg1 is a strange beast. Talking about it well doesn't come naturally. He has always affected a certain political unofficialness, so to speak of a regime, coated with quirinalism and papism with a halo, gathering various conventionalisms and correctnesses, effects that impoverished him a lot of journalistic sense. The famous mash, when he was verbose and universal, broke the bales a lot. Reports from around the world and from Europe smacked of Farnese supervelina. The understandable pro-government character, there must also be someone who also offers the executive's version in plain sight, was associated with social and cultural banalism, a successful Sanremo and sequins that was always and only Sanremo. With some exceptions, she often resorted to competition from Canale 5 and La7, for fear, among other things, of dying of pinches and boredom.

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