«With Meloni the distances remain, ready to go on strike»- Corriere.it

«With Meloni the distances remain, ready to go on strike»- Corriere.it

Of Cesare Zapperi

The secretary closes the CGIL congress confirming that there has been no rapprochement with the government and announcing protest initiatives

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's participation in the CGIL congress did not change, nor could it change, the conflicting positions between the government and the union. Maurizio Landini says it clearly when he opens the closing speech of the three days in Rimini: there is a very deep, very consistent difference with the government. For the whole Italian union there is no possibility of discussion, we need to start a mobilization that does not exclude any means, including the strike if necessary. We want to do it together with Cisl and Uil, we will discuss it with them, we already have a meeting scheduled for next week.

The differences with respect to the tax reform envisaged by the Meloni government are marked. The CGIL leader explains: 94 percent of the income tax is paid by employees and pensioners. We are no longer willing to accept the idea of ​​a tax system that continues to weigh only on employees and pensioners. Landini adds in battle tones: For us `the party is over' because for us the party has never begun, he added. We don't agree on the criteria of the enabling law” and so far they haven't discussed with us, we need to broaden the tax base.

necessary to put work and the person back at the center as an element, not just in defense of a condition, but as an element for changing the social and economic model which has substantially established itself in recent years, remarked the secretary who then thanked the President of the Republic Mattarella, who with his message and his fine words reconfirmed the value of our Constitution and the value of work. We thank him because it was not a formal greeting, but he put his feet on the plate and indicated how it is really necessary to put work and people back at the center and the importance of overcoming precariousness.

March 18, 2023 (change March 18, 2023 | 11:47 am)

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