Why the government's tax direction is correct (and very Dragon-like)

Why the government's tax direction is correct (and very Dragon-like)

The right path for tax reform: the real game is played in the delegated decrees, with the aim of horizontal equity. An approach that sounds different than usual and very little right-wing

The maximum objective, also declared by the Deputy Minister of Economy Maurizio Leo, is to arrive at a reform with the scope of the one adopted in 1973, that is, of the only coherent and comprehensive intervention on the tax authorities. There's a reason this might not be bluster. And we must not look at the general intentions of the delegation, but at its implementation. Why it is in the delegated decrees that the real game is played. They will be distributed, as is logical, over two years. Starting from the redesign of the personal income tax rates, with the drop from 4 to 3 and the possibility of working on the brackets, above all with the raising of the threshold of what provides for the no-tax area and that of the minimum rate. Then it will be the turn of tax expenditures and tax regimes for companies, with IRAP to be eliminated and IRES to be remodulated. All while maintaining the so-called dual approach of the Italian tax authorities, with income typically subject to Irpef and those taxed in other forms.

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