Why is it wrong to try whoever took us out of Covid?

Why is it wrong to try whoever took us out of Covid?

It seems over. The WHO has declared the Covid pandemic emergency closed, net of some critical issues still existing on the planet, but still far enough away from us to make us breathe a sigh of relief. So to speak, because there is little to be relieved after 20 million deaths, shattered economies, a health crisis (even in our country) from which we may never recover.

End of the pandemic? The disease is under control but the virus is not eradicated

by Antonio Cassone*

An absurd process

And there is little to be relieved if the very men who brought us out of the pandemic go to trial. The Bergamo prosecutor's office called them (as is known) to trial, Parliament has launched a commission of inquiry. The Minister of Health (Roberto Speranza), the Prime Minister (Giuseppe Conte) and those poor people of the Cts, called by the Government to manage a unique, sudden and unknown event in medicine, with the WHO putting a spanner in the works and the health fabric of the country compromised by 20 years of cuts and blustering on the marvels of private excellence, of abandonment of the elderly and the weak.

Errors and uncertainties

Mind you, we at Salute have been relentless since the early days. We told right away that no one had prepared a pandemic plan, that no one had put general practitioners in a position to be on the front line, and also that there had been delays in locking people at home (as if it were an easy measure to take...), in closing flights and borders. But today we have no doubts. people like Franco Locatelli, Silvio Brusaferro (also investigated by the prosecutor of Bergamo), Gianni Rezza, Giorgio Palù, Giovanni Ippolito, among others, (which will be dealt with by the parliamentary commission) have done the best that could be done.

Covid: who is to blame for the dead in Bergamo

by Daniela Minerva

Those who govern us do not understand what medicine is

Anyone who thinks of bringing them to court, more or less of the people, does not know what medicine is made of, underestimates the strength of Nature and our transience. They were good, they brought us out of the tragedy, it's true, after the virus had claimed many (too many anyway) victims. But those who want to look for faults leave the scientists alone, and look to those who have built unholy health systems like the Lombard one, who have cut, cut, cut. By abandoning ourselves to the cruelty of an unknown virus.

The chronology of the Covid emergency

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