who is Diego Tondi, the aerodynamicist who took the place of David Sanchez- Corriere.it

who is Diego Tondi, the aerodynamicist who took the place of David Sanchez- Corriere.it


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Aerospace engineer, who entered Maranello in 2007, will also have to work on the 2024 single-seater

Ferrari is ready for Jeddah, the Saudi Arabian city on the Red Sea where the second race of the F1 World Championship will take place on Sunday 19 March. In Maranello the first news after David Sanchez’s departure —After 10 years I’m leaving Ferrari, it was a decision I’ve considered for some time, I can’t wait to go back to work explained the French technician destined for McLaren—: his duties ( Head of vehicle concept) will be taken over by Diego Tondi, current head of aerodynamic development.

a highly experienced engineer: graduated from Pisa with a specialization in aerospace, joined Ferrari 16 years (the year of the last driver’s title, that of Kimi Raikkonen), worked in the wind tunnel and in simulations coordinating work groups and acting as a link between the aerodynamicists of the other departments.

The promotion in the current role arrived in 2021. Tondi, forty-one years old, born in Galatina in the province of Lecce. This is how he described his passion for racing: As a child I watched Grand Prix races on television with my father. That interest continued to grow in me and at university I understood how aerodynamic development was one of the major contributions to the performance of a Formula 1 car, thus deciding to delve into that very area. The historic collaboration between the University of Pisa and Ferrari was therefore the viaticum through which I arrived in Maranello. Tondi will have to deal with both this year’s and next year’s single-seater, the 2024 project will in fact start in the coming weeks.

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