Who is Claudio Anastasio, the president of 3-I who quoted Mussolini

Who is Claudio Anastasio, the president of 3-I who quoted Mussolini

But who is Claudio Anastasio, the president of 3-I, the super expert in digital identity as expert in numbers as he is disarmed in letters to the point of copy-pasting the speech given by Mussolini on the Matteotti case, signing it as his own and spreading it via mail to members of your board?

He is naturally an engineer with a good curriculum, otherwise he would not have become the number one of the "state software" (owned by Inps, Inail, and Istat) born only last November to develop the digital transition of the state administration.

Roman, born in 1969, until a few months ago Anastasio was known above all as the founder of tNotice, a company specialized in electronic registered mail and specialized in the Eoda regulation, the EU rules on digital identity. Politically he is very close to Giorgia Meloni and a very good friend of Rachele Mussolini (in fact she was the first to compliment him on his appointment to 3-I).

Entrepreneur and innovator, specialized in engineering and a thousand other things: from expert systems to neural networks to the construction of systems and components in potentially explosive atmospheres, from branding to business planning.

His activity as an entrepreneur was consolidated in 2006 at the helm of companies in the Leonardo Group (formerly Finmeccanica), taking care of the management, development and operation of avionics and aerospace systems and technologies, participating in the development of the Cosmo-SkyMed project (Galileo) for the launch of satellites in civil and military applications.

Selected to participate in the work of the European Commission in Brussels on 23 April 2015, representing Italy as an example of excellence among European postal operators, first to have met the requisites required by the new EU Regulation 910/2014, first to have met (in advance two years) the objectives of the European Digital Agenda Pillar V: Action 55 and Pillar VI: Action 69. Awarded at SMAU 2015 by the Emilia-Romagna Region for innovation in communications between the Public Administration and citizens and «Smart Communities».

The previous
Pioneer of the web, to whom he dedicated his career, Claudio Anastasio has a long-standing sentimental relationship with the Mussolini family, even before that of the Brothers of Italy. On June 13, 1997, the official Mussolini website went online. «The initiative», specifies the press agency, «comes from Mussolini internet of which Claudio Anastasio is executive president.

This is how Rachele Mussolini defined him some time ago: «I have known him for more than thirty years and I have lived his entire troubled journey which has led him to incredible success in his work. He has fulfilled himself as an entrepreneur also experiencing very difficult moments ». And he then proudly admitted the common party faith: "I'm happy to have been the one to bring him into the family of Fratelli d'Italia".

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