Where are taxes evaded the most? Calabria, Campania and Puglia lead the ranking – Corriere.it

Where are taxes evaded the most?  Calabria, Campania and Puglia lead the ranking - Corriere.it


For every 100 euros of tax revenue collected, 17.4 are evaded in Molise for a total of 440 million euros. Nor is it the most critical region in terms of evasion, as it ranks fifth. The worst situations are recorded in the South: for every 100 euros in cash, in Puglia 19.2 euros are “lost”, in Campania 20 and in Calabria 21.3. what is highlighted in the report of the Cgia of Mestre, based on data from the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Istat relating to the year 2020.

The unobserved economy

These figures doubled if compared with those that emerged from the analysis in Friuli Venezia Giulia (10.6 euros), in the province of Trento (10.2 euros) and in Lombardy (9.5 euros). The national territory most faithful to the tax authorities is the province of Bolzano, which presents an evasion of 9.3 euros for every 100 collected. In 2020, the weight of the unobserved economy on GDP (national added value) was 11.6%, equal to 174.6 billion euros. This has a different impact depending on the area of ​​the country: for example, in the northwest by 9.2%, in the northeast by 9.8%, while in the center the percentage rises to 12% and reaches 16.8% in the South. At national level, the lost tax revenue is around 90 billion euros: as if for every 100 euros collected, 13.2 were evaded.

Estimate of tax revenue and contributions evaded by Region – source: Cgia of Mestre

Tax gap at 89.8 billion

Although 2020 was a particular year, as it was characterized by the pandemic, according to what is estimated by the MEF, the tax gap (by which we mean the difference between the taxes that are actually collected from tax administrations and those that would be collected under a perfect compliance regime) which fell to 89.8 billion euro. Of these, 78.9 billion are attributable to lost tax revenue and the other 10.8 billion are the “fruit” of tax evasion.

20 billion recovered in 2022

In 2022, however, the taxman recovered a substantial figure from the fight against tax evasion, which the CGIA of Mestre defines as a record. Last year, the Treasury collected 68.9 billion more in tax and social security revenue, recovered 20.2 billion in tax evasion in just one year and “blocked” 9.5 billion in fraud. Still on the revenue front, the positive trend also continued in this first part of 2023. Again according to the Mef, in the first three months of this year, compared to the same period of 2022, tax and social security revenues grew by a total of 4.7 billion euros (+2.7%).


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