Whatsapp introduces an option to edit sent messages within 15 minutes

Whatsapp introduces an option to edit sent messages within 15 minutes

Whatsapp will allow you to edit shared messages within 15 minutes of sending them. This was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, the holding company that owns the messaging app, in a post on his official Facebook profile. The novelty, awaited for years by Whatsapp users, does not seem to be available in Italy yet. Zuckerberg announced the introduction of this new feature at 4pm on Monday. “Now you can edit your Whatsapp messages within 15 minutes after you send them,” writes the manager in his post, where he shares a screenshot in which a message is edited after sending.


Meta, record fine of 1.2 billion for the transfer of data from the EU to the US

by Archangel Rociola

The announcement comes on the same day that Meta ended up under the ax of the European Privacy Authority due to the violation of the laws on the protection of data of the citizens of the Old Continent. The Irish authority, acting on behalf of the EU, has fined meta 1.2 billion on charges of transferring the data of European citizens to the United States, where the company owns its servers. This practice is contested by the EU regulator because it would put the data of its citizens in the hands of American spy companies, in violation of privacy rules.

Last week Zuckerberg announced a new option coming: private chats, protected by password and safe from prying eyes. On Facebook, the number one of Meta explained that these new chats "make your conversations more private", that the messages are "hidden in a password protected folder" and above all that "the notifications will not show the sender or the content of the message".


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