What the dem reformists lack to contend for Schlein's primacy

What the dem reformists lack to contend for Schlein's primacy

Just as the secretary won by opening up the party, so those who recognize themselves in the pragmatism of local administrators cannot limit themselves to a residual role and the repetition of the usual social democratic chant. Innovative solutions are needed

The blowout received in the ballots by Elly Schlein's Pd and the victory against the tide of the Vicenza area Giacomo Possamai objectively they reopen the debate within the party and hand over an enormous responsibility to the so-called reformists. The Bonaccini area, to put it briefly, which had won the primaries within the party's organizational enclosure but had lost the match in the gazebos. There are many contradictions to be resolved and even the analysis of the vote lends itself to considerations that are not all perfectly aligned. Already on Monday evening with a tweet the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, not only congratulated Possamai for the great success in the Berica land but broadened the reflection by underlining how all the large municipalities aligned along the GDP motorway, the A4, are governed by centre-left orientation reformist. It starts from the Turin of Stephen Lo Russo you arrive in the Milan of Beppe Sala continue via Bergamo and arrive in Brescia, which thanks to Laura Castelletti remained out of the wave of the right. But Damiano Tommasi's Verona is also in the hands of the centre-left like Vicenza and can always be reached by following the motorway belt up to Padua by Sergio Giordani. Gori, in reality, in his tweet did not limit himself to a so-called geo-horizontal analysis (the route of the A4) but intertwined the aforementioned dem flags with those we can see waving on the vertical route of the A1 from Milan to Bologna with Piacenza (Katia Tarasconi), Parma (Michael War), Reggio Emilia (Luke Vecchi), Modena (Gian Carlo Muzzarelli) and precisely the city of S. Petronio (Matthew Lepore) all governed by centre-left mayors.

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