«We will activate the European funds»- Corriere.it

«We will activate the European funds»- Corriere.it

Of Monica Guerzoni, sent to Bologna

The helicopter flight with Meloni, then the visit to Cesena among the displaced. Commissioner, the prime minister is also irritated with the centre-right governors

In the room of the General Aviation Terminal, where Giorgia Meloni and Ursula von der Leyen landed in helicopterthere is the Minister for European Affairs Raffaele Fitto and there is the president of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, whom the premier thanks for his "presence, availability and attention". But when one of the 130 accredited information operators asks if the governor will be commissioner for reconstruction, the Prime Minister stiffens: «I was very struck that this is the debate that interests you when the funerals of the victims».

sharp words, which confirm how high the agitation is in the government over the possibility of an appointment that does not convince part of the government, starting with Matthew Salvini. "When the time comes for reconstruction we will take care of the commissioner - the premier freezes the choice - Right now my main problem it's not who spends the moneybut find them." It's not a real press conference, so another journalist has to raise his voice to be heard from behind and remind Meloni that several majority governors are also pushing for Bonaccini as commissioner. And she, without retreating: "It also applies to the center-right governors".

"Hold on"

At the airport Giorgia Meloni and the president of the European Commission arrive after flew over the ravaged lands from the fury of the water and landslides. For the premier it is a return, four days after last Sunday's inspection, for the guest of honor who came from Brussels it is instead the first time. She wants to senda very clear message» of closeness and sweetly ventures an expression in Romagna, hold on: «Tin bota... Europe mourns with you, we stand by your side». Von der Leyen's gaze rested on Conselice sinking into the mud, on the orchards cut down between Forlì and Faenza, on the swallowed up roads on the outskirts of Ravenna and then on Modigliana, Lavezzola, Casola Valsenio, Castel Bolognese, Bagnacavallo, Lugo. «It broke my heart – admits the EU leader – it was heartbreaking and very useful to see how deep the scars of entire underwater territories are, the damage, the devastation, the diversification of the problems to be faced».

Meloni presses, remembers that "substantial resources" will be needed to return to normal, and it will take "a special eye» on the part of the Union, on the solidarity fund and on any other possible instrument. The president of the Commission, who now has clear the proportions of the emergency, shows Meloni informal closeness and does not want to disappoint Rome's expectations.

"The most appropriate means of support is the solidarity fund and it is very urgent to activate it", acknowledges von der Leyen, explaining that it will be allocated a small contribution standardized for each disaster e in three monthswhen the extent of the damage is clear, the real money will come. But that is not all. There is the emergency fund for agriculture, there are the cohesion funds "to draw on" and, looking ahead, in Next generation Eu «we have six billion for the flood and earthquake prevention». In the meantime, Italy "will do its part" confirms the premier and claims the package already allocated and the additional 200 million from the emergency fund dedicated to "more complex situations" in Emilia-Romagna: "A very significant signal. I don't know how many other times that has happened in 48-72 hours they have found each other 2.2 billion to deal with the emergency».

The symbol photo

Meloni makes a slip of the tongue, calls Fitto "president" and then jokes about it: "I reassure everyone, it's not a candidacy". The symbolic photo was taken that portrays Meloni, von der Leyen and Bonaccini with their hands clasped, as if to sign a pact to «work together», the premier flies to Rome for the Council of Ministers. Von der Leyen continues the journey, accompanied by the governor. in Cesena, welcomed by the young mayor dem Enzo Lattucathe lady in pink shakes hands with rescuers and volunteers, inquires about the extent of the landslides, he is moved by the stories of the displaced and for the solidarity of the mud angels. In via ex Tirassegno, she embraces the family of the three-year-old boy rescued by her neighbor and at every step she promises moral and financial closeness and structural support: «I remained very impressed by your courage».

"My Romagna"

A scene confirms it. The president is already in the blue car to rush to the airport when she sees dozens of people chanting «my Romagna» they shout «Thank you Ursula» and wave for her. Von der Leyen stops the procession official, gets out of the car and, for the second time, shortens the distance: «I only came here to say
tin bota
». Hold up, Emilia-Romagna.

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