Voluntary work, the commitment of the "Presidium" Association in civil protection and forest fire prevention activities

Voluntary work, the commitment of the "Presidium" Association in civil protection and forest fire prevention activities

ROME - The precious role of volunteering in our country is under everyone's eyes and it is being verified day after day, with that quantity of young people - and not just young people - who are shoveling mud and assisting the populations affected by the fury of disastrous meteorological events, caused by a climate that no longer seems the same as we knew. The two billion euros allocated by the government in the hours following the acknowledgment of what was happening cannot be enough. It is no coincidence that the president Giorgia Meloni, in fact, defined the decree as a "first provision". The president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini spoke of a "reconstruction decree", similar to the one that was necessary for the 2012 earthquake, which required interventions for 12 billion

Among the voluntary associations, particularly expert in the field of Civil Protection, always involved in emergency situations like this, there is Presidium, born in 2004 and very active in its local area, which over time has developed collaborative activities with local authorities and other associations in the sector. In 2008 he joined ANPAS - theNational Association of Public Assistance - where he collaborates in the regional committee and also begins to develop the health sector.

The other Presidium activities. Another activity that characterizes the Association is the prevention project in the neighborhood schools which has been carried out every year for ten years together with awareness courses in first aid and basic civil protection aimed at understanding the risks inherent in the territory. Still on the subject of raising awareness of citizens, the participation for six years in the project of the National PC Department should be highlighted "I don't risk” with raising citizens' awareness of seismic and hydrogeological risk through a demonstration in the square with ten volunteer communicators trained by the Civil Protection.

The Forest Fire Campaign. The volunteers of the Association have been conducting the forest fire campaignfirst as a sighting, now after the courses attended in the region also with extinguishing activities using a fire-fighting module mounted on pick up owned by the Association. The volunteers also have equipment for plumbing and a salt spreader which allows them to work in the area as soon as the regional or municipal authorities request their intervention. Presidium through its volunteers it has participated in the management of the main emergencies that have characterized our country in recent years starting from Puglia, Abruzzo, Emilia, Genoa, Benevento and recently the Central Italy earthquake.

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