Verstappen beyond F1: “I want to win elsewhere too. Alonso is the driver I trust the most”

Verstappen beyond F1: "I want to win elsewhere too. Alonso is the driver I trust the most"


He didn’t have his driving license yet when, in 2015, he made his debut in Formula One. Max Verstappen – home top driver Red Bulltwice mocked (2021, 2022) – in an interview given to the Spanish newspaper As in view of the Monte Carlo GPspoke about the dominance of the Austrian team in this first part of the season, providing some insights into his future away from the paddock.

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by our correspondent Alessandra Retico

Verstappen on Red Bull’s dominance: “Sometimes winning seems easy”

“Winning sometimes seems easy, other times not – he explains laughing – It depends on the weekend”. The Dutchman implies that, at the moment, the Red Bull has no rivals: “Ours is certainly the best car on the grid. It is the Red Bull fastest I’ve ever driven, but even those of the end of 2019 or 2021 were very competitive”. On the lack of entertainment complained by spectators: “There has always been a dominant car, it is in the nature of Formula One. From 2000 to 2004 she always won the Ferrarithen two years there Renault. There was the challenge between McLaren And Ferrari and, from there, the domain of Red Bullfollowed by the domain of Mercedes“.

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The first title: “2021? I’ve never felt the same emotions again. Now when I run I’m relaxed”

With reference to World Cup 2021 – won on the final lap of the last race of the season, ad Abu DhabiVerstappen recalls the emotions felt on the track: “It was my first chance to win the title. I knew I had to do everything perfectly. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever felt, fighting every weekend against Lewis Hamilton. Now I’m much more relaxed,” explains ad As.

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The future away from F1: “I have other plans in mind

“Will you still be here when you’re 40?” asks the journalist of As. “Yes, but possibly on the yacht watching the race,” he laughs Verstappen. “I want to win elsewhere too,” she explains. “Rally or Dakar? My father does rallies at the moment, but in my case I would prefer to stay in a closed circuit, he seems safer to me. When I see the accidents against trees … I think they are less safe sports than the Formula One“.

Verstappen on Alonso: “I hope he can win. He’s the rider I trust the most”

“He’s a fighter. He’ll never give up,” she says of Fernando Alonso, 41 years old, Aston Martin driver third in the world championship. “At the moment he is not a rival for the title, even if this weekend he could take pole position and win. It’s funny to think that Fernando ran when my father was there. Perhaps he is the driver who can be trusted the most,” he explains maxadding that the Spaniard’s greatest talent was that of knowing how to be competitive while not driving the best single-seater, as happened when he was in Ferrari.

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by Alessandra Retico


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