UEFA shuts down Mourinho and Roma: 4-game stoppage for insulting the referee

UEFA shuts down Mourinho and Roma: 4-game stoppage for insulting the referee


Heavy words, heavy condemnation. Jose Mourinho will miss the next four matches in UEFA competitions. The Roma coach will serve his “offensive language” addressed to a match official in the post match of the Europa League final lost on penalties by Roma against Sevilla on May 31st. In his outburst, the Special One did not miss anything: «The referee seemed Spanish», «let’s hope that next year he will go and do his shit in the Champions League (where he won’t meet Roma who are in Europa League, editor’s note). In the garage of the Puskas Arena, Mou had reiterated his thoughts against the match director Anthony Taylor: «You are a fucking disgrace», «You don’t have a puta shame in your puta face», «fuck off». He doesn’t need a translator to decipher the Portuguese coach’s discontent and to understand UEFA’s reaction, pending a possible appeal. To make matters worse, Taylor and his family were attacked at Budapest airport, with water being thrown at the referee by fans who were returning to Italy. Mourinho’s propensity for verbal controversy is an aggravating factor: the Giallorossi bench, since the beginning of management Mourinho has had 22 red cards between the championship and the cup, awaiting the sentence on the Chiffi case after the Monza-Roma match: the Today’s hearing has been postponed to June 27.

It is not enough. UEFA took everything into account: it fined Roma 50,000 euros and banned them from selling tickets to their visiting fans for the next match in European competitions “for lighting fireworks, throwing objects, acts of damage”. Roma will also have to contact the Hungarian Football Federation within 30 days “for the liquidation of the damages caused by their fans, or rather for the broken bins, glasses, cable caps and the two broken seats”. An additional fine of five thousand euros was caused by the team’s misconduct. Nothing is missing at all. Or maybe yes: if broken bins are counted in the compensation for damages, what about the monuments of Rome in the past damaged by foreign ultras? Do we want to remember the fall of Feyenoord fans in 2015? They did millions of damages and were sentenced to pay three thousand euros by an Italian court, and not by UEFA. The Mourinho sentence will be useful if it sets a precedent.


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