Tumors, the 450 million hospital in Trani (and the mystery of the partner from the Brescia valleys) - Corriere.it

Tumors, the 450 million hospital in Trani (and the mystery of the partner from the Brescia valleys) - Corriere.it

A gentleman from Muscoline2,500 inhabitants in the Brescian mountains above Lake Garda, formally the owner of a 450 million private project to build the Misericordia Cancer Hospital (Micaho) in Trani, the largest cancer hospital in the Center-South. But he probably doesn't know.

The project

On 24 March in the Apulian city there was the preview presentation of Micaho, an oncological hospital with a potentially great impact on the Apulian territory and healthcare. It will be "among the top three in Italy", "the most technologically advanced", it will generate "a 1.5 billion induced", "500 jobs". The preliminary plan (67,000 m2, 6 floors, 36 months of construction with authorizations obtained) by Progetto Cmr, a prestigious Milanese architecture studio, project “Commissioned by Dr. Bernardo Ilgrande, CEO of Ohpa”.

The big investors

The pivot is this manager from Margherita di Savoia (20 km north of Trani), 53 years old. Ohpa is the corporate pivot of the almost half-billion operation that should raise capital from large funds and private industrialists. At the buffet, between one canapé and another, names are mentioned (the great builder, the "living room", etc.) but in the end (are there preliminary contracts? Letters of intent? Commitments? Sureties?) the answer: Not now we can reveal it, but at the right time…there are big investors ready.

Land and deed

The impressive rendering: it combines science and hospitality. Now we should move on to the next stages: authorisations, construction, accreditation, agreement with the health service. But regardless of the convention, Micaho - according to the promoters - will be able to stand on its own legs, guaranteeing extremely high-level standards, on a par with the best European hospitals. And the lands? Bought privately, they say. But then (did you notarize?) the answer: Not yet. They're waiting for hospital clearances.

Ladies' messages

Region and Municipality were absent from the presentation. But the honorable Giorgio Lovecchio (M5S) was there and the messages of senators Dario Damiani (Fi) and Ignazio Zullo (Fdi) arrived, while a letter of encouragement from the Undersecretary of Health, Marcello Gemmato (Fdi) was read. Then, in front of the café, the tranchant reading of many present that the Micaho project is perceived as "rightist" and for this reason it would be opposed by the "leftist healthcare of the Puglia Region", as if the treatment of tumors had a political colour. a fact, however, that money and authorizations are needed to take the project from paper to land. And who shows up in institutional offices and big investors? The manager Ilgrande who put his heart and soul into "making this dream come true". And perhaps a little too much enthusiasm by declaring himself "CEO" of Ohpa-Operative Holding Procurement & Asset, a "modest" name at the bottom of all the project papers.

For three years without budgets

The Ohpa of Bergamo has only one administrator (Ilgrande), three mayors of the province of Salerno and is controlled by Leonardo Bortolo Polinithe lord of the Brescia valleys, until recently the owner of a small waste transport and trade business. Ohpa hasn't presented financial statements for three yearsin the last one it lost 4 million and reported a dispute with the previous owner (a well-known accountant from Bergamo) for "the concealment of company books".

A figurehead

Ilgrande has full powers over everything, Polini doesn't touch the ball as if he were a figurehead. Ohpa, as the chief executive officer himself claims, is only the vehicle of the project. That is, "only" the subject to whom the Region and Municipality should grant the authorizations. What if they ask to see the balance sheets? To know who the owner? To know the investors in the project? That is, to get to the (usually) then? "For now we are not presenting the financial statements for confidentiality - says Ilgrande and confirms the chairman of the board of statutory auditors - so you pay an administrative fine and nothing happens". This way you can keep any new members hidden.

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