Transcripts, the mayors team up and network. "We are ready, now we need a law" -

Transcripts, the mayors team up and network.  "We are ready, now we need a law" -

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The pressing from Turin to Rome. Lepore: here we continue to record, but there is a void. Nardella: Ready to start again but we ask that Parliament legislate by adapting to European criteria

In Parliament the majority on the other side. But there is a network of mayors in the area, essentially from the Democratic Party, which is beginning to put pressure on the recognition of children of same-parent couples. An informal network, born from the discussion on concrete issues, as often happens to those who have the difficult task of administering a city. But it also has a wholly political meaning.

Mayor Giuseppe Sala at the demonstration in Milan he said he was ready to start again with the signing of the certificates of recognition if Parliament reopens the dialogue. From Milan to Rome the line does not change. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri underlines the need for a national law that recognizes the rights of children of rainbow families at birth. I will work to ensure that Rome too does its part in this battle for civilization. Then, here is the network: I am in contact with the other mayors to understand together which collective actions to carry on. The mayor of Bologna, Matteo Lepore, explains something more: We have been in talks for months with various colleagues also because the lack of a law leads to inhomogeneous jurisprudence. An example? We continue to transcribe without problems, even if we do it only for children of mothers residing in the municipality. We assume our responsibilities but the regulatory vacuum must be filled immediately. In 2018 Florence was among the first Italian cities to start with the awards. And Mayor Nardella claims it: So not only are we ready to start again but we ask that Parliament legislate by adapting to European criteria. Then he attacks the government: I am for the recognition of rights in the best interests of minors, against the drift of discrimination and denial undertaken by the executive.

Even Turin had to stop transcriptions, the umpteenth confirmation - according to the mayor Stefano Lo Russo - that the Italian law does not consider girls and boys equally. Lo Russo says he has activated all the city's resources to find a solution but it has now simply become impossible to continue in an attempt to protect and respect those girls and boys. And let's go back to the web: We need an alliance between mayors, a united front to ask Parliament to quickly resolve an unacceptable situation. a matter of civilization. Antonio De Caro, mayor of Bari and president of the Association of Municipalities, says he is personally close to the positions of his colleague Sala. And he explains: On several occasions I have found myself in the same situation, one in which one realizes that society evolves faster than legislation. And everyone on the net thinks so.

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