“This right does not face reality. Even at the cost of harming children's rights»- Corriere.it

“This right does not face reality.  Even at the cost of harming children's rights»- Corriere.it

Of Adriana Logroscino

The president of the Pd group in the Senate: they do like Poland and Hungary

“This right wing does not want to face reality, even at the cost of harming the principle of the best interests of the child, of attacking children's rights. The truth is that this reactionary right restricts people's rights and since yesterday also of minors ».

Simon Malpezzipresident of the group Pd in the Senate, argues that he did not expect the double stop to the recognition of the children of same-parent couples: the rejection of the EU regulation and the Viminale stoppage
to the transcription of children born abroad in the Municipal Registry offices.

Senator, aren't these decisions in line with the positions of the majority?

“We are surprised that the right wants to seat us with Poland and Hungary. We tried to talk to the last minute so that the majority did not think ideologically but evaluated the regulation on the merits".

What is the aspect on which you expected converge?

«The regulation recognizes the status of a child obtained in one's European country of origin also in the other States of the Union. Therefore respect for the protection of the right to movement of individuals and families in Europe while maintaining the rights recognized in one's own country. Opposition violates the right to mobility of two million minors. We are therefore ready to decide that in Europe there are minors in Serie A and minors in Serie B».

QThe regulation would have caused a violation of the principles of subsidiarity and proportion, according to FdI.

"False. The regulation does not conflict with the Italian laws. Minister Nordio also supported it. They didn't want to listen to him either."

The recognition of the children of gay couples, however, is clearly a political issue.

«Sure, but you can't govern by looking only at the political or consensus aspect. We are talking about children who exist and their rights that must be protected, as recognized by the sentences. It seems to me that this right is willing to ignore that the children of same-parent couples exist. Instead of taking a stand, they prefer the regulatory jungle."

However, the Viminale circular on the stop to transcriptions refers precisely to a sentence of the Cassation.

«That sentence says that there is a regulatory vacuum. So we need to regulate the situation with a law. Which is our duty as politicians and legislators. We solicit them: we open the discussion. Unfortunately this right is not ready to guarantee everyone the same rights.

March 15, 2023 (change March 15, 2023 | 22:47)

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