This is a government that doesn't like innovation

This is a government that doesn't like innovation

For the role of managing director of the company that provides IT services to Inps, Inail and Istat, the choice made by the government is not only characterized by the unfortunate plagiarism of Mussolini. The recent case of Claudio Anastasio's very fast parable in that position certainly shows the persistence of nostalgic lumps of fascism among the trusted people in Giorgia Meloni's circle. This is evident and fully claimed by the resigning manager himself. The point that may become interesting, a day after the nostalgic storm with the Ducesco copy-paste, is that of the consideration expressed by the government for the issues of managing big data, digitization, the transformation of public services. We need innovation and the government gives us an awkward futurism, as if the ideologues of modernization of the 1920s could bring about new procedures and changes in organizational methods, with the valorisation of what can be dematerialized and with the wealth of computerized connections. last century. The issue has been set aside, taken off the government agenda, even with the abolition of the ministry dedicated to the digital transition.

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