"They were very good in the hospital" - Corriere.it

"They were very good in the hospital" - Corriere.it

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The former footballer, now a commentator, was playing padel in Calabria, where he is on vacation

Moments of fear for Massimo Mauro, former midfielder of Catanzaro, Udinese, Juventus and Naples (here he won the 1990 Scudetto and ended his career in 1993), today a television commentator (first on Sky Sport, now on Rai). During a game of padel in the Lido di Catanzaro district, where he is on holiday, he suddenly felt bad. Initially it was thought to be indigestion, but in reality it was a heart attack.

So Mauro, in critical condition, was immediately taken to the Catanzaro hospital. Here it was emergency surgery with an angioplasty. Luckily Mauro is no longer in danger of life, but in any case he is still hospitalized as a precaution. “They did very well in the hospital and still are. I am followed well and pampered », the words of the columnist, after the operation, through the Vialli and Mauro Foundation for Research and Sport onlus, of which he is president.

Only four days ago he gave an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport, speaking of Juventus' interest in Lukaku, with the consequent sale of Vlahovic to PSG: «Dusan is 23 years old, Romelu 30. Vlahovic has more future than Lukaku, it's objective. Football is made up of choices, it will later be the field to tell who wins. I would keep Vlahovic, however I would give him time and to a greater extent I would organize a game to enhance his qualities. The million dollar question is always the same: if Dusan scored 14 goals in 42 games is it all his fault or Juve's game? If the various Kim, Kvara and Osimhen had played in a third-fourth place formation and in the chaos experienced by the black and white people in the last season, would they have been the same? There is no answer: it is the charm of football », he said.

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