«There is no alliance to be made. From Schlein so much confusion»- Corriere.it

«There is no alliance to be made.  From Schlein so much confusion»- Corriere.it

Of Maria Theresa Meli

The leader of Action: Tinagli, Gori and Bonaccini wake up

Carlo Calenda, at the CGIL Congress, withdrew from the alliance with Pd and Movimento 5 Stelle.
«But there is no alliance to be made because there are no elections. The next consultations are the European ones with the proportional system. So that of the alliance, moreover between people who think differently on everything, is a non-existent theme. Today the thing that needs to be done is, if possible, to coordinate the opposition on priority issues. Therefore I made a precise proposal to both Conte and Schlein: ask Meloni to put all the money available to eliminate the waiting lists in healthcare ».

Don't you want to make a sort of new CLN with Pd and M5S?

"What the Democratic Party and 5 Stars have not understood is that this way of approaching things guarantees the right to be able to stay in government for the next 357 years".

Schlein wants to unite the opposition on the minimum wage battle.

“Schlein made an incredible mess in his speech to the Chamber. He said there are three and a half million people in in-work poverty and proposed minimum wages for those of them who are uncovered by the national collective agreement. But national collective agreements cover those three and a half million workers who earn less than nine euros an hour. However, the Pd's proposal does not set nine euros an hour and does not apply to those who have a national collective agreement and therefore what is it for?

Therefore she insists on sanity.

«Today Italians consider health care to be the most important thing but politics does not talk about it, yet there are 98 million national health service backlogs. Let's deal with this instead of the billions Conte wants to give with bonuses or Schlein's ingenious proposal which plans to work less for the same salary and which would lead to millions of unemployed. They are all ideological proposals: there is never one who looks at a number or a given. The truth is that left-wing and right-wing ideology have consigned Italy to decline. And in this sense Schlein and Meloni are two sides of the same coin».

Do you like the new course of the Democratic Party?

«Schlein was elected with the support of all the leaders and was presented as the novelty of the Democratic Party. You haven't said a word about what you want to do about infrastructure, energy, waste-to-energy plants, immigration ».

She has intervened several times on immigration.

«And what did he say besides claiming that Meloni is doing everything wrong? Did you explain how you want to manage immigration? The problem is that his is the victory of the left that never explains how it wants to do things. The left that only says that others are bad. You will even manage to steal two points from Conte, but elections are not won this way, because you always draw from the same electorate ».

Will the Third Pole really make a new party?

«We had a meeting the other day and we are in agreement on everything, so now I will formally invite +Europe and liberals to be part of the constituent process which must lead to the creation of a single party in October. I hope that someone from the Democratic Party will also wake up: Tinagli, Gori, but even Bonaccini who thinks differently from Schlein about everything. Today the Democratic Party is halfway between the Left and freedom and the Greens and those in there who don't share these ideas will have to clarify things».

You say that the government's tax reform is the same as Draghi's: will you vote for it?
"No, because it adds the flat tax, an unfair and absurd measure".

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