There is good literature in Eastern Europe as well. The latest example is registered Montenegro

There is good literature in Eastern Europe as well.  The latest example is registered Montenegro

The book by Stefan Boškovićc, already winner of the EU literature prize, arrives in Italy: an unusual novel between noir, political thriller and literary fiction that tells the imaginary story of the Montenegrin Minister of Culture. Ruthless examination of the situation in Kosovo

L'EU literature prize, founded in 2009, has established a significant tradition of scouting talents in countries and languages ​​considered “minor” in our continent, with particular attention to the Balkans. A tradition that was confirmed in 2020, when the award went to the Montenegrin author Stefan Boškovićc, now brought to Italy by the Udine publishing house Bottega Errante, in the translation of Elvira Mujčcicć. In this unusual novel, written in first person, sometimes almost in stream of consciousness, hybridizing noir, political thriller and literary fiction, we enter the life, and mind, of Valentin Kovacčevicć, imaginary Minister of Culture of Montenegro, in course of nine tragicomic days in which he finds himself struggling with pressures of all kinds, not least that of his own past. Boškovicć knows how to mix a literary language and a credible psychological investigation "from within" with the speed typical of a certain cinema (but cinema has basically learned it from literature: that of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett), leading the reader to experience the neurosis of someone who finds himself occupying a position of power in a torn and unstable country.

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