The Witch prefers human suffering, literature instead trudges

The Witch prefers human suffering, literature instead trudges

In the five books remaining in the competition, an autofiction that is never festive dominates: in the standings, Rosella Postorino is firmly at the top. Among great citations and exorcisms, one thinks that "they live beyond their intellectual possibilities"

To kill time, they invented the Toto Strega. Guess the five finalists, win the twelve candidate books plus an invitation to the final evening. That wonderful place where the ladies sink their heels into the gravel, and accumulate mounds of food like “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” on their plates (that's how it was, and it should return to these splendours). The invitation will be for July 6, at the Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia. Watching the live broadcast on Rai Play, we discover that there is also the hashtag, social networks, and everything needed to be modern – including the music that accompanies the writers on stage. Stefano Coletta presents, the first to arrive is Clemente Mastella, mayor of Benevento – the yellow liqueur is born there. We hear words such as "habitat" (the Roman theater that hosts the presentation of the cinquina), phrases such as "culture must never stop growing" (even if it were the GDP), begs for it not to rain "the words do not stay wet", the names of San Paolo and Don Milani are spent. One thinks, quoting someone whose name escapes us now: "They live beyond their intellectual possibilities".

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