The War of the Books. Questions and Answers on Censorship by Amanda Gorman

The War of the Books.  Questions and Answers on Censorship by Amanda Gorman

The poet's book is not good for elementary school children, a Florida school says after a parent's complaint. The writer's answer, the confusion about the "prohibition" and the danger of the arbitrary exclusions

Although there is ongoing controversy over the books being contested in American school libraries, the poet Amanda Gorman she said she still felt "drained" after learning that a Florida school restricted access to her book containing the poem Gorman read during President Joe Biden's inauguration in January 2021. The school district in The issue clarified that there has been neither a ban nor a removal, but the book has been moved to shelves where younger elementary students have more limited access. The youngest poet in US history to attend the inaugural presidency said Tuesday that restrictions like the one imposed on her book The Hill We Climb, which contains a single 32-page poem, are on the rise. “We have to fight back,” she said. “So they ban my book for young readers, they confuse me with Oprah Winfrey, they don't specify which parts of my poetry they dispute, they refuse to read any reviews, and they offer no alternatives,” Gorman wrote on Twitter in response to the complaint contesting his book. (Gorman did not comment after being contacted through her spokesperson). Here's what you need to know about what happened regarding Gorman's book.

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