«The uterus for rent opens up a birth market, it can cost 100 thousand euros»- Corriere.it

«The uterus for rent opens up a birth market, it can cost 100 thousand euros»- Corriere.it

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The Minister for the Family: «Surrogacy is prohibited. Let's call her by her name, surrogate uterus »

After the demonstration in Milan, the confrontation on the registration of the children of same-parent couples in the registry office is inflamed. In the last few hours there have been positions taken by the Minister for the Family Eugenia Roccella and the Vice President of the Chamber Fabio Rampelli which are inflaming the debate. "Surrogacy is prohibited and let's call it by its name, uterus for rent, because it is a passage of money with a contract" explains the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, Eugenia Roccella, to "Half an hour more" on Rai3. «A birth market is opening up, there are international fairs. They also tried to make one in Milan, but there was some fear and it wasn't done. It can cost around 100 thousand euros, something for the well-to-do, but women get ten thousand euros», underlines Roccella. «Oocytes are chosen - she claims - a market with even racist connotations, white women are chosen, black women's eggs cost less. Then you choose the woman who lends her uterus, who is usually beautiful and blonde, and you also choose your religion."

Rampelli (FdI) on «In Onda» on La7 on Saturday evening said that homosexual couples “they pass off as their own children” those conceived abroad through surrogacy. «There is no discrimination against children: we are primarily concerned with children. We are concerned about women who are exploited," argued the exponent of the Brothers of Italy. "And if two people of the same sex ask for the registration of a child who they pass off as their own child, it means that this motherhood is done outside national borders", he adds, alluding to the fact that surrogacy is not possible in Italy. And today, for Father's Day, a message no less a source of possible controversy: «Best wishes to all dads aware that they cannot be without a mother. An affirmation that is far from trivial these days because there are those who have mistaken people for objects or animals or tree species and children for smurfs, speaking of stuffed animals… ».

On Rampelli's exit (the use of the term «spedaler»), Roccella tries to find one explanation, but confirms the basic position of the vice president of the Chamber: «Rampelli's words? I realize that drug dealing is a word that evokes other things, but the truth is what Rampelli said. When registering at the registry office you have to say a series of things, where the birth took place, who is the parent, and clearly if you say that the two fathers are both parents you are saying something that is not the truth, because one of the two certainly is not the mother.'

But Minister Roccella gives Lucia Annunziata other reflections: «La

yesterday's demonstration in Milan? Demonstrations are always a good opportunity for democracy to participate, so they're good, it's not a problem, the only question is that it seemed to me that there was a shift in the theme. We don't want to talk about the surrogate womb, we argue that the problem is not the surrogate womb, while this is the heart of the problem, and that the problem is instead the rights of children. I would like to clarify this: there is no denial of children's rights. In Italy all children have the same rights - explains the minister -, and as regards the same couples who have also rented the uterus possibly abroad, when you return to Italy, however, the biological parent is recognized. It's not true that you can't have a tax code, that's not the case. The problem is that these couples sometimes do not accept recognition of the biological father and instead ask to be registered in the registry office as both parents, and therefore do not take this step. The Court of Cassation has clearly stated which path is, and it is adoption in particular cases, therefore the second parent can achieve adoption through this path», adds Roccella.

March 19, 2023 (change March 19, 2023 | 3:36 pm)

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