The surrogate and the pride of the partisans, on both sides

The surrogate and the pride of the partisans, on both sides

The Lazio regional council has withdrawn its patronage from the Gay Pride in Rome because the organizers circulated posters in support of the surrogacy uterus. The demonstration of a part of the community that wants to affirm its right not to be discriminated against deserves the support of the institutions, which have a duty to affirm the equal rights of all citizens in this case as well. The choice of the organizers of the event to support a practice, that of surrogate procreation, which also divides the homosexual world, as demonstrated by the opposing positions taken by numerous lesbian associations, changes the sense of the initiative a little, perhaps too much. This provides the argument (or the pretext) for those who are not enthusiastic about supporting it to distance themselves from the initiative. In short, there is a certain degree of exploitation on both sides.

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