The sunset of grillism projected on the left -

The sunset of grillism projected on the left -

Of Massimo Franco

It is safe to say that the leadership of both the Democratic Party and the Five Stars are perceived as precarious. Schlein and Conte appear besieged inside

The constant defeats of the opposition even in minor elections such as the administrative ones in Molise now reflects a national trend. In the past, the Democratic Party had shown some solidity in local voting, at least in some areas of the country, unlike the center-right. And the Five Stars had begun their short march towards power starting from showcase victories such as those of Rome and Turin, in 2016; and without broad field theories or not; without alliances offered as potentially winning.

After the Policies of 25 September last year, the collection of defeats is instead becoming full-bodied. And it is safe to say that the leadership of both the Democratic Party and the Grillini are perceived as precarious. The secretary Elly Schlein and the former premier Giuseppe Conte appear besieged within their respective formations. For Schlein there is no mention of alternative candidates: because she won the congress, and because the former ruling class sank after the defeat, dominated by the mutation taking place in the party.

Deciphering the grilline dynamics is less easy. But the collapse that the polls record from time to time calls Conte's leadership into question: even if national polls give the Movement around a virtual 15 percent. This is why names like those of the former mayors of Turin, Chiara Appendino, or of Rome, Virginia Raggi in the role of anti-Schlein emerge. But they appear as an echo of the past: as nostalgia for yellowed triumphs. In addition, the contenders have to deal with Conte's unscrupulous ability to survive.

The problem that even by joining, Pd and M5S dramatically show themselves as minorities. Schlein's unified line erodes support in that area. The public Democratic Party is legitimate, whether it be the trade union or the Gay Pride. But it won't win votes beyond the most radical fences. He nominates him as the first opposition force at the 2024 European Championships, with an agenda in tow of a series of clips from the company; but at the head of a party distorted and detached from those institutions of which he was considered an interlocutor, when he was not a spokesman.

On the other hand, the left crosses a cultural season in which it not only swims against the current: it struggles to stay afloat due to lack of analysis. Attempts to rediscover reference points collide with a profoundly changed world of work. It is therefore not a question of allying yourself with the grillini or with an increasingly bloodless third pole. Both are part of a disintegration of the political system, to which the electorate responds by abstaining or by looking inexorably elsewhere, to the right.

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June 27, 2023 (change June 27, 2023 | 20:48)

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