The revolt of the schools against the teacher tutor: "Seven euros an hour, we are not applying"

The revolt of the schools against the teacher tutor: "Seven euros an hour, we are not applying"

ROME - Several Italian schools are opposing the figure of the tutor for orientation, the cornerstone of the minister's school policies Joseph Vallettara. The Ministry of Education and Merit has already postponed the deadline for submitting the application that the individual teacher will have to make, voluntarily, to access the 20-hour Indire training course: requests are scarce and, thus, from 2 May the date for the candidacy it was moved to May 31st.

Valditara: "Tutor teachers to help students. But I don't accept lessons on anti-fascism"

by Ilaria Venturi

In this new internal conflict within the institutions of the country, Padua is establishing itself as the center of the dispute. There are already five institutes that have formally questioned the choice through motions signed by the Academic Board or collective declarations: "We are not presenting ourselves either for the role of tutor or that of counselor". To the Eugenio Curiel scientific high school eighty out of eighty-one professors, last 18 May, declared their unavailability "to apply for the role of tutor professors" by signing a document which speaks of the progressive "corrosion of the time dedicated to disciplinary activities" through the gradual introduction of new subjects such as civic education, new tasks such as school-work alternation or new figures such as the class coordinator. Now having to allocate 30 hours of school money to orientation can produce "a lack of preparation of students in view of future university careers".

The figure of the tutor is contested on a general level: the role of the teacher, "that is, a person who should leave a mark on the young person", is debased to that of "coach, valuer, family adviser". And, again, the 20-hour online course is considered "offensive" for those who spend years building a professional profile. Finally, the net fee for the future 30 orientation hours "is equal to 7.34 euros per hour".

L'Usuelli Ruzza Institute of Higher Educationwith 86 votes in favor out of 118, asks not to submit or withdraw the candidacy for the role of tutor (or guidance), speaks of the denial "of freedom of teaching" and of "a classist idea of ​​school" offered by the ministry and by the minister. AND contrary to decree 63 also the Marchesi Concept High School (classical, artistic and musical), always in Padua. L'Artistic Pietro Selvatico he turned the motion into a text signed by a large number of teachers. Finally, the teachers of the are writing a binding letter Albert Einstein High School of Piove di Sacco, in the province.

Prof tutor for 7 euros per hour. But it will score on the list

by Ilaria Venturi

Elisa Carra, Italian and Latin teacher at Curiel, says: "We believe in the need for orientation, which we carry out every day in the classroom and in conversations with families, but the ministry's proposal does not take this activity into account and offers us a frankly demeaning new role". A teacher who voted against says: "The tutor is not foreseen in the employment contract and, therefore, the principals will not be able to impose it".

School leaders are struggling in different areas of Italy to find volunteer teachers. Elvira Ferrandinoprincipal of the professional Marelli Dudovich of Milan, by May 1 had collected three applications of the ten required. He says: "In professional institutes this tutoring figure is already foreseen and works above all in the first two years trying to drain the initial dropouts. From next year, if the decree goes into effect, the teachers of the two-year period will work for free, those of the three-year period instead will be paid. A contradiction".

Except Amatoteacher of theCucuzza Euclide Higher Institute of Caltagirone, in the province of Catania, is critical of the ministerial initiative, but explains that the internal manager intends to close the candidacies, however, today.

School, the project for tutors and guidance teachers starts: there are 150 million

by the Chronicle editorial staff

Tutor teachers - explains the ministerial decree number 63 of 2023 - will have to be introduced in the final three-year period of high school from next September, school year 2023-2024. They will be called upon to help students in their educational and training choices, highlighting their potential and assisting them, together with their families, in the training path to be undertaken at university or in the world of work. Counselors will also be able to offer their skills to middle school pupils projected on to high school. The new work will hinge on three seasons.

The Ministry of Education has allocated 150,000 euros for the payment of next season's tutors and guidance teachers: for the former, the gross salary will vary between 2,850 and 4,750 euros per year (7.34 euros net per hour). Guidance teachers, on the other hand, will receive a minimum of 1,500 euros gross and a maximum of 2,000 euros (which translates into 5.16 euros net per hour). The online training course is scheduled for 20 hours, the required annual performance is another 30 hours, but the indirect courses, in the face of a season finale full of ballots and state exams, could be postponed.

The recruitment foresees 40,000 teachers with at least five years of seniority engaged in the new role, for a total of 70,000 classes. Minister Valditara, to encourage a reluctant teaching class, has made it known that he will set a higher score for the purposes of school mobility for tutor and guidance teachers.

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