the "quiet" return of

the "quiet" return of

Of Emanuele Buzzi

The meeting with the parliamentarians becomes a lectio magistralis on M5S issues

Personal matters and a lectio magistralis in its own way on the themes of the Movement: Beppe Grillo's Roman blitz loses the contours, as it once was, of a diktat or a fine-tuning of the Five Star political line to take on those - to put it like a starred one – of an all-round “training course”. Grillo, according to rumors, would also have finalized the renewal of the collaboration contract (which was about to expire) with Il Movimento (and the question of indemnity from any legal cases would also be being defined). The meeting with the parliamentarians that took place on Tuesday evening in the Campo Marzio office would be a "parallel issue".

The M5S guarantor showed himself more than physically alongside Conte (with whom he had lunch): not a word on the starry defense of the Rai canon, not a mention of the new rules on reporting on elected officials. The disappointing results of the administrative elections are re-read in terms of ballots, the hints of foreign policy filtered from the perspective of the blog (often with "Chinese" positions), the institutional reforms are touched upon to invoke constructive distrust, an assist to Conte who has already proposal to Giorgia Meloni. Grillo expends himself and talks about artificial intelligence, the environment, the future of work, he supports Conti's initiative of the street demonstration in June. And more fantastic parliamentarians. We finally have people who are cohesive and interesting. There will be some news, summarized the showman in front of reporters at the end of the meeting. There are those who hypothesize an opening (but the M5S leaders are not exactly very favourable) to the third term in view of the European elections to nominate the big names and rake in votes. The guarantor for now sibylline, who also marries the return of a public kermesse of the Movement, but contributions from the elected are needed (and there are those in their second term and starting to niche as per tradition).

In short, a muted Grillo, more a collaborator for communication than a noble father of the Movement.

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May 24, 2023 (change May 24, 2023 | 2:46 pm)

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