the Pd takes only

the Pd takes only

Of Paul Foschi

After the ballot 9 out of 13 capitals in the government coalition The premier: "Historical victory, there are no more strongholds"

The centre-right dominates
the administrative ballots, conquering 5 out of 7 capitals
the Pd comes out of the polls with broken bones, he manages to take only Vicenza and continues to lose even in the now former red strongholds, while the Bandecchi civic center-right area imposes itself in Terni. The final balance, taking into account the first round, is more than eloquent: in counting the capitals from 8 to 5 for the centre-right it passes to a clearer 9 to 3. And also in Sicily, where the first round took place (as in Sardinia, where, however, there were no capital cities to vote), the center-left seems to be in trouble, even if it conquers Trapani.

The change

Here is the detail from the cities. The centre-right tears Ancona away from the centre-left, for the first time since there has been a direct election of mayors, with Daniel Silvetti (FdI, Lega, FI, Udc and civic) with 51.7% of the votes. In Tuscany en plein of the center-right: in Siena the new mayor is Nicoletta Fabio (52.2%), elected in Pisa Michael Conti (52.2%), while in Massa it was confirmed Francesco Persiani (54.4%) despite running supported only by Forza Italia and Lega and not by Fratelli d'Italia. In Brindisi, where the centre-left ruled, the voters chose Giuseppe Marchionnaformer mayor in the 90s at the time of the landings from Albania: a former socialist overwhelmed by a judicial inquiry that ended in full acquittal, Marchionna - supported by FdI, FI, Lega and the Republican Party - obtained 54% promising an end to environmentalist policies which, he claims, have slowed down industrial development.

Vicenza, the only triumph of the Pd

In the Umbrian town he finally triumphed Stefano Bandecchi, entrepreneur, civic center-right, who defeated the official candidate of the coalition. Bandecchi, founder of the Niccolò Cusano telematic university and patron of Ternana football, obtained 54.6% of the votes. The only capital that has seen the success of the Democratic Party is Vicenza, where Giacomo Possamai, 33 years old, a local executive resume in the ranks of the dem, managed to rake in 50.5% of the votes. He faced the electoral campaign without the big names in the party: he preferred to focus on local administrators.

In Sicily

According to the first data, the center-right with Enrico Trantino triumphs in Catania with over 60% of the preferences, in Ragusa the outgoing mayor Gianfranco Cassì is confirmed, supported by various civic lists also from the center-right area, while a run-off is looming in Syracuse. In Trapani he wins in the first round - 40% is enough for the regional law - Giacomo Tranchida, supported by the center-left and by civic lists (some close to the League), but without the symbol of the Democratic Party: «I won by reasoning with my head. I have no godparents or bosses, including the Democratic Party.

The leaders

«We have achieved good results and some victories that could be defined as historic, such as in Ancona, confirming the fact that there are no longer any strongholds – commented Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni -. The centre-right confirmed its strength in the polls. The voters appreciate the work of the government coalition, it is a further push to continue our action, to follow the program of economic, social and institutional reforms with which we have gained the trust of the Italians". Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, after a summit in Arcore with Silvio Berlusconi, defined the results as "extraordinary", "the result of the mix between the approval of the candidates and appreciation for government action at the national level". And the Pd pointed out: «It is the “Schlein effect”». Also for the blue leader Silvio Berlusconi "the good governance of the centre-right prevails once again and strengthens the action we are carrying out at the helm of the nation". While from FI Tullio Ferrante attacks the dem: «Schlein, I guess they didn't see you coming this time either!».

Dem disappointment

On the opposite side, disappointment and heartache accompanied the counting. Elly Schlein, after admitting the "clear defeat", met the secretariat of the Democratic Party. "These are administrative elections, but they show that the wind in favor of the right is still strong - he later declared -. Obviously, you cannot win alone. We need to rebuild an alternative camp, which credibly contends with the right for victory. It takes time to build a winning alternative, and it's not just our responsibility."

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