«The majority cannot stand it» - Corriere.it

«The majority cannot stand it» - Corriere.it

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Tie 10 to 10 in the Senate committee vote. The rapporteur Mancini (Fdthe): let's fix this too. Boccia (Pd): the group leaders are summoned immediately. Conte: Meloni in disarray

Majority forces ko in the Senate on the Labor decree: the vote of the Budget commission on the opinion on the new package of amendments (about ten, by the rapporteur Paola Mancini of FdI) finished in a tie with 10 majority senators and as many from the opposition, so the majority went under. The commission was suspended, given that the opinion necessary to examine the new modification proposals presented this morning in the classroom. At this point a conference of group leaders will have to be convened to decide how to continue the work.

The votes of Forza Italia would have been missing: This morning I was the first to intervene in the classroom, during the general discussion, to declare Forza Italia's favorable vote on an important measure. What happened in the Budget Committee has no political relevance. We had already announced a group engagement. Senator Lotito and I, members of the Commission, are always present and we were today too, but we arrived 15 minutes late, explains the senator and group leader of Forza Italia in the Budget Committee Dario Damiani.

According to rapporteur Mancini it was an accident that shouldn't have happened, but let's remedy this too. Beyond the political question that remains (we would have done the same thing if we had been in your place) I propose that either the Budget Committee returns to express itself to evaluate the opinion, whether positive or negative, or there is always the alternative that the amendments be withdrawn and the normal course of the decree continue. These are the two options on the table without wasting time, the leader of the League in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo, proposes in the Chamber. Accidents can happen, the majority will make amends for this but let's not slow down a process, also because they are waiting for the decree in the Chamber. The provision, being examined by Palazzo Madama in the first reading, must be converted into law by 3 July.

The opposition is of a completely different opinion. According to Pd secretary Elly Schlein, the majority is not standing and in chaos. According to the leader, after what happened in the Chamber on the Mes, with the Ministry of the Economy disavowing the government's propaganda, today in the Senate it is unable to get amendments prepared at the last minute approved, which sought to patch up the many opprobrium contained in the Dl Work, and goes under. The Work Decree, he continues, was one of the programmatic banners of the Meloni government. Today the forces of the majority are not even able to guarantee that the rapporteur's amendments are approved. The Labor Law is a wrong provision, which must be changed, and we will continue to oppose regulations that increase precariousness and poverty. The truth is that this executive is not standing, unable to pass from propaganda to deeds. Senator Antonio Misiani, economic manager of the Democratic Party, speaks of a divided majority and crashed into a wall even in the Senate budget commission, where the opinions on the amendments to the labor decree have not been approved. He decisive the absence of the Forza Italia senators. Classroom locked. Amateurs on the loose. For the group leader of the dem at Palazzo Madama Francesco Boccia, the majority presents worse mending than the hole and then claims to carry on as if nothing had happened, but we will not allow it. For Boccia, what happened in the Budget Committee is very serious. The Democratic Party immediately asks to convene the conference of group leaders because, not only that, there are regulatory issues that we have a duty to address. We found the explanation of the chairman of the Budget Committee out of place and awkward, saying that the job was almost completed, also because he knows that there is no such thing as an equal vote. But above all at a political level, today the majority tried to put patches that were worse than the hole, passing from topics such as accidents at work to free work done by socially useful workers and more.

According to Calenda it is a very unedifying show. With attempts by the majority to explain that no `we did not go under. The simplest truth of this: a piece of Forza Italia wanted to give a message. If this is the debut after Berlusconi, the majority risks chaos, writes the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, on social media.

The last 24 hours of a Meloni government in disarray: the funds for compensation for serious accidents at work are halved. As soon as we report it, they hastily try to back down. Giorgetti's Ministry praises the reform of the Mes and the Meloni Government, embarrassed after the lies told in the pandemic, continues to postpone decisions. On the Labor decree, actually the Precariato decree, the Government does not even have a majority in the Senate Budget Committee on its own amendments. Let's talk about the provision that cashes in on those in difficulty, halving the number of people in economic difficulty who will now be protected by the state, comments the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte, who then observes: In the midst of this chaos, the cost of living subtracts 61 billion from the current account of the Italians and Meloni - who promised everyone 1000 euros with a click during Covid - stands by and watches. an incompetent, useless and harmful government.

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