The madmen of showbiz do not tolerate breaks from the social show

The madmen of showbiz do not tolerate breaks from the social show

That the "laughing face" logic on which the great traffic of social media is now based had reached a degree of danger beyond which only the hatchet of the Annie Wilkes of "Misery", it was understood when, after the Sanremo festival closed on the much-called kiss of Fedez with Manuel Rocati aka Rosa Chemical with a string of speculations on the state of his marriage with Chiara Ferragni, a Milanese fan with an uncertain syntax had launched the proposal on Twitter of a flashmob in order to reconcile the couple. The meeting would have been held in Piazza Duomo and would have been accompanied by banners and t-shirts. Incredibly, in addition to the usual quarter of an hour of fame, the young lady had collected more support than insults. None of these protagonists of existence through third parties, the kind you once could have suggested to get a life and now you don't because you would sound "exclusive" in a world where even the analysis laboratory haughtily underlines that it will "share" only with you information on the status of your platelets via email, thank you very much I thought there was a law to protect me, in fact he wanted to miss an episode of his favorite serial, free and apparently without advertising. The extremes of the concept of inclusion in every aspect of life had already been hypothesized by Carl Einstein a hundred years ago in the ferocious essay "Snob" in which he theorized how the consumer society, based on infinite reproduction, would have led us to confuse the plans logicians of the similarity, but certainly not even he, the expressionist of philosophical thought, could have imagined that the birth of social networks, at the same time free narrative and system of control between individuals, would have instilled in these already distorted relationships the sense of possession jealous. Misery must not die, the Ferragnez must stay together for life. It cannot be ruled out that if the promoter of the flash mob had had Messrs. Lucia, nom de famille of the Ferragnez couple, at hand for a few hours, she would have segregated them for at least a few hours, if only to get rid of them a bit and obviously transform the video of the kidnapping in a very clicked "stories", as everyone calls that Instagram function that allows you to upload temporary films and which invariably write in the plural, stories and not stories, because they found it indicated like this among the usage options and they didn't never wondered if it weren't more correct to define each video uploaded on the social network in the singular, one story at a time. You put the stories.

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