the goalkeeper between ducks and gossip -

the goalkeeper between ducks and gossip -

Of Gaia Piccardi

Loris Karius, sculpted and tattooed physicist, will become dad. Friendship with Justin Bieber, dad Harald and motocross. The love story with Diletta, the pregnancy and the holiday in Dubai

To notice the tattoos, well before Diletta Leotta announcing the good news on Instagram (We explode with joy, we and my belly! Soon there will be three of us) and posted the photo with a tummy from Dubai, it was Justin Bieber. In 2015 Loris Sven Karius, at the time a promising German goalkeeper from Mainz (where he arrived on loan from the Manchester City youth team, who had invited him and his family to England), on holiday in Miami. On the beach, Bieber, a singer with 283 million followers, notices the fresco on Loris' chest: the giant roses, the diamond on the solar plexus, two swooping swallows and the writing dream chaser on the collarbone. Justin complimented me and we became friends, Karius will tell us the following year, when he is already wearing Liverpool's number one shirt in exchange for £4.75m a season on a five-year contract. The dreamcatcher has attracted the attention of an interplanetary pop star, not yet that of the best known face of Dazn.

When in October 2022 Loris meets Diletta, in England to improve her English, the date of May 26, 2018 is already archived under the heading: worst day in Karius' career. Kiev, Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. It will finish 3-1 for i blancos by Zidane thanks to two chilling ducks from Klopp's goalkeeper: first Loris rethrows the ball at Benzema, who scores the 1-0 on the rebound, then takes in a shot from far from Bale with open hands. A debacle muffled by the alibi: an elbow on the head by Sergio Ramos at the start of the match would have dulled the goalkeeper's ability to react and see the ball (why not ask for a substitution?).

End of the adventure in Liverpool (These are things that happen in football, no hard feelings against Klopp), but the ghosts follow the former promise of German football in Turkey, near Besiktas, where a couple of errors in the Europa League overheat the environment ( in the viewfinder also a not exactly blameless nightlife) and at Union Berlin, in the Bundesliga, where he only plays four games. Back in England, as Newcastle's second goalkeeper (Nick Pope's reserve) Loris Karius, now 29, announces the pregnancy of his partner Diletta with a video posted on social media and immediately became an irrepressible tam tam among the colleagues of future parents: from the Olympic champion Marcell Jacobs to Simona Ventura, from Elodie to Ciro Ferrara, from Elisabetta Canalis to Lorella Cuccarini, a rain of hearts.

Pap Harald (Loris has an H tattooed on his wrist) dreamed of a career as a motocross rider for his son, it was his grandfather Karl who initiated him into football. And if Karius will not go down in sporting history as an insurmountable bulwark of the goals he defended (his parable in the national team stopped at the Germany Under 21), he certainly contributed to filling the pages of German gossip newspapers at the time of the relationship with the model Sophia Thomalla and makes our locals happy now that the love story with Diletta Leotta has reached an important turning point. Her Christmas together in Sicily with her parents, after having been in Germany to meet his parents; the escape to Spain to the sea; Diletta's romantic letter to Loris on the eve of last February's Carabao Cup final between Newcastle and Manchester United: an important match for Karius, who hadn't played an official match since 28 February 2021.

Dear Loris, in this moment I stop being the Beloved you know and, as in Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol, I put on the clothes of the ghost of the past to make you turn around and realize the road you have taken – writes Leotta -. The sad nights, the lump in the throat and the bad thoughts behind that mistake that kept you away from the competition for two years, but not from your greatest passion. And then the declaration of love: That's why, from the first moment, I admired your strength and your courage. You told me about your rebirth journey and the strength with which you believe in who you are made me fall in love. More than parades, in short, could the sensitive soul of the blond from Biberach. Don't give it to him as it slips, writes a joke on Instagram. He must certainly be a Sunderland fan.

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