«The final will still be Milan-Bologna»- Corriere.it

«The final will still be Milan-Bologna»- Corriere.it

Of Daniel Dallera

The coach, his last experience in Scafati, analyzes the two semifinals: «The physicality of Olimpia inside the area can have the upper hand, for Virtus Belinelli is important. The Scudetto is in the hands of the great old men"

Attilio Caja he is a strategist, appreciated for his technical and tactical qualities, a mission every year, he does nothing if it is difficult, don't worry, he is passionate, he does not look anyone in the face, he thinks only of the good of the team, of the players, of the club, whoever he understands and follows him well, otherwise he can also say hello, just like what happened to Scafati.

The championship semi-finals begin, Milan-Sassari and Bologna-Tortona: all useless because the final will be Milan-Bologna? Discounted verdicts, ugh how boring.

«It also happens in the other European championships, in Spain between Real and Barcelona, ​​in Greece between Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, in Germany it is true there was the surprising elimination of Alba Berlin, but Bayern Munich is a fixed point. The same can be said for football … ».

Attention, the scudetto was won by Napoli, the big surprise of the year.

«Okay, but in recent years Juve dominated for a decade, 9 Scudettos in a row, the alternatives were the usual, Inter and Milan…».

Caja has a sports culture, with him you can invade other planets: football, athletics, swimming, tennis, it is no coincidence that among his best friends is Giovanni Malagò, number 1 in Italian sport.

But let's go back to basketball. Milan and Bologna the big favorites failed on the European stage, no playoffs in the Euroleague. A sign of weakness?

«We need to make separate speeches. Milan has had a troubled year, too many injuries that have affected its European season. And despite this, she was in the running until the end to hook up to the playoff train. The truth is that Milan had got used to us well».

Scariolo's Bologna?

«A rookie, also with her problems, but her European path, precisely because she is in the first year of the Euroleague, must in any case be evaluated positively».

Old Chacho's Real Madrid champions Europe. Did he expect it?

«Never underestimate the heart of the champions, it makes the difference».

Here it is the usual Caja that relies on expert players.

«Look, I have never been betrayed by the expert players, authentic champions that I have chosen for my teams. I'll throw in some names: Magnifico, Naumoski, Coldebella, Vukcevic, I could go on».

A bit like Ettore Messina.

«Well, his career results speak for him, from Brunamonti to Hines».

Even Scariolo has its great old man, Teodosic.

«A fundamental and decisive player if he is at the best of his conditions».

Let's start with Milan-Sassari: the technical key?

«The physicality of Milan inside the area can have the upper hand, I underline the defensive potential of Hines and Melli, the offensive one of Voigtmann, the one-on-ones of Shields, the initiatives of Napier. As for Sassari, his technical work has been excellent, many players have improved over the course of the season, but he must be perfect to try to prevail over Milan ».

His analysis on Bologna-Tortona.

«We talked about Teodosic. Another fundamental player is Belinelli, but he must be added. Teodosic, on the other hand, engages himself. Tortona has quality, for example that of Christon and Harper, but she is not always placed at the service of the team ».

His prediction?

«If it were a dry game we could live and have some surprises. On a long-term challenge, 3 out of 5, I'm unbalancing: the final will be Milan-Bologna ».

And you, Caja, who and where will you coach next season?

«I live my profession with serenity, I made my debut in 1991, I've been involved in basketball for 32 years, I've never missed a season, I don't have the anxiety about coaching at all costs, I also like this phase in which I hold technical courses, I they call me to conduct internships and clinics, I enjoy commenting on the playoffs for Rai radio…».

He's telling the truth, he's sincere, but we know Attilio Caja well, his life is coaching. Just wait.

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