«The favorites have to move. Roglic with two draws will win»- Corriere.it

«The favorites have to move.  Roglic with two draws will win»- Corriere.it


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The former cyclist Gianni Bugno, pink jersey in 1990, has his say on the current edition of the Giro d’Italia

Gianni Bugno, who won it in 1990 wearing the pink jersey from the first to the last stage, what do you think of this Giro d’Italia?

“Has it already started?”

Today 16th stage with arrival on Monte Bondone. There are only six days to go.

«I almost didn’t notice it… It seems to me a Giro split in two: the spectacular one of those who fight for the stage victory every day and the slightly flaccid one of the favorites who mark each other».

Does the real Giro start today?

“It’s about time, but I’m not sure. There is room to attack on Bondone, even if the climb isn’t terribly tough. But I’m afraid no one will take advantage of it. If Armirail doesn’t break away, it’s possible that the Frenchman will even keep the pink jersey. If, on the other hand, he were to lose ground, it is probable that the standings will return to what they were three days ago: Thomas, Roglic and Almeida, just a few seconds apart from each other ».

Why doesn’t anyone attack?

«For fear of firing empty shots: they think that everything will be decided on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo on Friday and on Monte Lussari on Saturday and they want to arrive fresh at the weekend. On such steep slopes, the gaps will widen: if Roglic is the strongest, as it seems, with two sprints he will take home the Giro ».

And the show?

«The values ​​this year are so level and the stakes are so high that nobody wants to risk: the breakaways will liven up the race. In reality, there is someone to whom it would be better to attack ».


«Caruso. He’s 6th at 2’36” and in great shape: if he attacks, they won’t get him right away because he’s slightly out of contention. And if Almeida, Roglic and Thomas start arguing about who should chase, Damiano can take advantage of it: it’s a Giro that can be won uphill, on his terrain ».

Caruso claims he’s too old, though.

“He must dare: he has already placed second in 2021, what difference does it make in his curriculum if he finishes fourth or fifth?”.

Why is Roglic favored?

«The way he’s pedaled since day one, the team around him, his experience and the way he’s managing the race: in two weeks he’s been the only one to take real action. I believe that at the right moment the winning draw will be his. Of course, Thomas will sell dearly. However…”.


«This is a Giro in which the big names have given the pink jersey to a follower who was 19 minutes behind in the standings. Absurd! Even those who think they are too far from the podium should dream».

It is a Giro marked by the abandonment of Evenepoel.

“I’m not discussing the reasons. Ways yes, however: a world champion who leaves in the pink jersey with a night message on social media lacks respect for the race, the organizers and the fans. Ugly act.”

In 1990 you held the squad for three weeks. Ever thought about giving her up?

“Never! I would have considered it an offense to that shirt, which is sacred. And then every day spent in the squad was a nest egg that I accumulated for my teammates and all the team’s personnel. Maybe they’re rich now and don’t need that money, but it suited us.”

You were the runners’ union organizer for ten years. What do you think of the shortened stage in Crans Montana?

«That it was a mistake, that there weren’t the conditions to apply the extreme weather protocol. That day we had to run and that’s it.”

The former coach Cassani says that whoever represents the riders must not be a mere spokesperson but rather inspire a line of conduct.

«The head of the union must be a head of the family who listens to everyone and then media, inspired by experience, to make sure that cycling wins. In Crans Montana, cycling lost. We promised to meet after the Giro to reflect on the mistake and never make it again».

In Rome, the Giro will be welcomed by Sergio Mattarella. It is the first time of a president of the Republic.

“A great honor, well deserved. I take the liberty of saying that I dream bigger: the president in a racing flagship, as happens in France. Think how our cousins ​​of the Tour would gnaw…».

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