The failed agreement between Meta and Siae is only an epochal passing moment

The failed agreement between Meta and Siae is only an epochal passing moment

Now it will no longer be possible to use the music products protected by the agency on Instagram and Facebook: it is the revenge of the silent film on a revolutionary habit. It won't be easy to adapt, but maybe it's a good thing

It is news intended for affect the evolution of our communication costume, as it is taking shape in an attempt to adapt to the contemporary: the spokesperson for Meta, the company governed by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, communicates the failure in Italy of the framework agreement with Siae, that which allows social media users to use all the musical products protected by the agency to put their own posts, both videos and photographs, to music. “The protection of composers' and artists' copyrights is a priority for us and for this reason, starting today we will start the procedure to remove songs from the Siae repertoire in our music library. We believe it is a value for the entire music industry to allow people to connect on our platforms using the music they love. We have licensing agreements in over 150 countries around the world and we will continue to strive to reach an agreement with SIAE that satisfies all parties." In essence, the non-renewal of the agreement with Siae will have an impact on reels, feeds and on stories of both platforms. On Facebook, its content will be blocked. On Instagram they will be muted, unless users replace the audio with one of the tracks available in the specially created Meta music libraries (for example Soundreef) and which do not fall under Siae protection.

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