The EU plan for green houses doesn’t work and needs to be changed, but not demolished

The EU plan for green houses doesn't work and needs to be changed, but not demolished


After the battle over the end of the production of internal combustion engines in 2035 in favor of electric motors, a measure that is dividing the European Union, another divisive issue is emerging. Parliament approved the new directive on the efficiency of the building stock by dictating tight deadlines for public and private buildings. By 2033, in order to reach the main deadline, they should all, with some exceptions, be in energy class D. Leaving aside the details, Italy would have to improve the energy performance of millions of buildings that are now in class E and F. To give a point of reference, with the bonus 110, 360,000 buildings were affected with an expenditure of 60 billion. I shun the temptation of easy multiplications which would lead us to consider necessary investments of zillions to be found who knows how, but I limit myself to asking a few questions.

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