«The decision is mine»- Corriere.it

«The decision is mine»- Corriere.it


Of Adriana Logroscino, sent to Ischia

The day in Ischia and the announcement: ready to report. Schlein attacks: Palazzo Chigi woke up

Daniela Santanch professes serenity on several occasions. Reached Ischia, where she was guest of honor at the meeting of the European Conservative party on tourism, she shows and says Calmavailable to answer all questions. will have to. Because the line has now changed, compared to the very first days after the investigation Reports
who cast shadows on her activity as an entrepreneur: in Parliament to report, the minister will go there. Perhaps, dare her parents, yes Thursday or Fridayif Wednesday the request will be formalized.

He reiterated it again yesterday. And the choice received public appreciation of the President of the Council Giorgia Meloni: No problem reporting to Parliament, a legitimate request and I am happy that Minister Santanch has given her availability. I’ve seen her calm in these hours as I am calm. Meloni pronounces these words in Austria. In Ischia, where Santanch had also hoped to see her, so much so that the news had also circulated on the island, the premier does not arrive.

Behind the appearance and though refreshed by astellar welcome, the minister, along the path between the hotel entrance and the conference room, inquires about the presence of journalists. She brings together in a sort of war cabinet his to choose the watchwords: I’ve been in politics for 20 years and can you see me? I put my face on it, always. I will be proud and proud to report to Parliament. Then, after the intervention from the stage in which she praises with particular emphasis the action of the government on tourism vital sector for the economy of the nation, gathers its closest circle again by the pool. And venture deadlines for the inevitable showdown in the House. A choice matured on Friday evening, when Santanch had consulted on the phone with the premier. But a decision claimed as hers: it was neither the prime minister nor the party who pressed and certainly not a yielding to the polemics of the opposition or within the majority. I decided me, me, me.

Santanch between a plate of fruit, meetings with local and international representatives of the sector (at his table for a coffee there is also Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair) and the many photos with those who incite her long live women of courage!, effectively conceals the tension. Better, surely, gods than her: went well, come on – a staff member lets slip after the public statements – but the real problems begin now…. The fear that transpires that the judicial investigation will go ahead and make the trench dug so far fragile. But she is sure of the opposite: I never received a warranty notice – says Santanch -, I don’t understand who is talking about indictment.

To ask for full clarity Elly Schleinsecretary of the Pd: Today, very late, Meloni woke up too. Tommaso Foti, group leader of FdI, will take care of sweeping the horizon: I understand the desperate search to send the government home through the media. But we answer to the voters. he too is in Ischia and must register the change of position in FdI compared to the no in the Chamber the day before: I said that one does not go to Parliament on a televised inquiry, but one can go there to bear witness.

In the evening the long day ends in a spa, Santanch receives an award for the communication campaign This is Ischia, created after the Casamicciola landslide: Ischia reborn and seeing it opened my heart. But she leaves early: I’m a little tired, she says to her.

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June 24, 2023 (change June 24, 2023 | 22:30)


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