The Dance of the Misfits. A festival to celebrate the choreographer Maguy Marin

The Dance of the Misfits.  A festival to celebrate the choreographer Maguy Marin

"The passion of the possible", an exhibition between Parma and Reggio dedicated to the rebel French artist, brilliant as well as rough. The marvel of imperfect bodies in a history of controversies, successes and controversies

It will take shape – and it is appropriate to immediately use this burning word, body, increasingly resigned to chasing an annoying perfection – within a motionless and desolate space. The Teatro Regio in Parma is all gold and stucco but the ferocious contrast with the protagonists of "May B" (Maybe Beckett), staged on May 31st, will be intentional: smeared with flour, disfigured, inflated, dusty and tragically anonymous, they will seem to some of the public detritus of a former criminal asylum. Yet it is these human carcasses – which have reached more than seven hundred and fifty performances on five continents since 1981, the show's debut year – which have already consigned to the history of the theater Maguy Marin, their seventy-year-old “mother”. Now, from the temple of Parma opera, they will kick off "The passion of the possible", a long and coherent festival with four other debuts and a new creation: all dedicated to the brilliant French artist as rough, rebellious and who defines herself as "out fashion". Radical chic festival, or old fashion

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