the challenge to Schlein on the square -

the challenge to Schlein on the square -

Of Emanuele Buzzi

On June 17, a procession in Rome. The dem secretary: "We will coordinate initiatives"

The Movement
go back to the square and try to parade the limelight (and some leftist themes) at the Pd and Elly Schlein

. «Let's meet on June 17 in Rome. We will parade in procession, to say no to the increasingly precarious and insecure lives that this government wants to impose on us", he announces Joseph Conte on social media. The Five Stars, therefore, restart from one of the progressive workhorses: work. A strategy to recover centrality also from a media point of view. An indirect challenge for the square, after the former premier withdrew from the initiatives promoted by the unions in which the dem secretary took part. Schlein promptly replies: «We will certainly feel in touch to coordinate the initiatives within the ambit of what is a common point».

Conte's announcement it is accompanied by a video in which the starred president attacks and “pushes away” – from an initially shared screen – Giorgia Meloni. «May Day Meloni introduced greater precariousness. What's more, he has cut social spending for people in difficulty, accusing them of being divanists », claims the leader. "We have to counter all this," Conte retorts on the very day in which the M5S with the abstention of its adviser on the Rai board of directors indirectly endorses Melon's appointments on state television. The time of the starry motto «parties out of Rai» seems light years away.

Conte, however, tries to play the role of the leader of the opposition. Attack the executive for the sale of Ita

: «The sovereign government par excellence has sold off our company to Lufthansa. We will have the majority of the capital in German hands. Rather than Brothers of Italy they are "Brothers of Germany"», says the former premier, passing over the fact that at the time of the M5S-Lega axis, the yellow-green executive involved Lufthansa in the negotiation. "This government demonstrates inadequacy, it gets lost in party quarrels," underlines the president who is currently on a mini tour of Sicily. "The mission I entrust to the candidate from Trapani is to win," the president harangues.

But while Conte is on tour some problems invest the Movement. Primarily, the deputy Riccardo Tucci has been indicted for fraud by the Prosecutor of Vibo Valentia. This is the first case in the history of the M5S of a referral for a similar accusation. The news had a deep echo in the starry world. "In my opinion it is already a scandal that they made him a candidate knowing of the ongoing procedure", comment some M5S. And the troubles don't end with the Calabrian investigation. In Molise, where voting takes place at the end of June, several activists are on a war footing because the leaders have had the Regionarians ratify "a top-down list" (319 votes in favor and 41 against). And there are those who wonder: "Is this the direct democracy of the new course?".

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