Taxman, Landini to Meloni: “Ready to strike. Next week meeting with Cisl and Uil”

Taxman, Landini to Meloni: “Ready to strike.  Next week meeting with Cisl and Uil”

Maurizio Landini closes the XIX Congress in Rimini which reconfirms him general secretary of the CGIL for another four years. «We are free men and women who believe in what we do», says Landini, moved and at ease again in the red sweatshirt: «Nobody gets involved in the union because it's a job, but because we think we can change the situation».

differentiated autonomy
Landini immediately goes into detail and replies to the premier when he said that the company produces wealth: «There is a profound element of diversity with Meloni: wealth is produced by those who work. If we deny this and say that business and finance produce it, we all become consumers". And then on differentiated autonomy: "The president reminded us yesterday that it was a day of national unity. But she must also remember this after 17 March. How do you do differentiated autonomy on March 16 and the day after tell us that you are for national unity? We are for unity and we will fight against this reform".

«Without the work of people in the flesh, the pandemic would not have been defeated. This item has been removed. The weakening public health paves the way for unprecedented market privatization. Let's open a national dispute on public health ».

"We absolutely do not agree with the enabling law that was kindly presented yesterday by the premier, the differences are substantial," insists Landini. «94% of personal income tax is paid by employees and pensioners, in a country with 100 billion in tax evasion and lower income taxation. There is a fundamental point: we are no longer willing to accept a tax system that weighs only on work and pensions. For us, the party is over because it hasn't begun." Then Landini presses: «To date there is no negotiating table. But the basic principles are necessary: ​​broaden the tax base on which to pay taxes, affirm progressiveness and the same taxes for the same income. We are ready to mobilize, even the strike». The CGIL leader also calls for a 5-point cut in the tax wedge and the return of the purchasing power of wages with fiscal drag. "I don't think I heard anything new about these issues in the words of the prime minister," says Landini.

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