Taxi of the skies ready to take off

Taxi of the skies ready to take off


“Once we exit the launch phase, the air taxi market it will become anything but a service for the rich. Indeed, it will allow move in a very short time from one center to another or within a large city at costs slightly higher than those of a Ncc (car with driver, ed)”. To outline the scenario is Charles Tursimanaging director of Urban Vthe company created by the airports of Rome, Bologna, Venice and the French Riviera for the design and construction of a vertiport network. “This will be possible thanks to the fact that these are simpler machines than propulsion ones, such as helicopters, with lower costs both in the production phase and above all in management”, adds the expert. Therefore, once the niche dimension is overcome, economies of scale will allow for a significant reduction in costs.

Agreement in the components

The latest news from the company is an agreement with Liliumone of the leading manufacturers of evtoli.e. i electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. “The objective of the agreement is to ensure that all the vertiports that we are going to build are compatible with their technical specifications. Furthermore, joint support is envisaged for the electrification of premium tourist routes in regions with sector infrastructures”, says Tursi. Which underlines how in the past other agreements have been signed with technology and energy suppliers, such as Sita and Enel.

The future is now

Founded just under two years ago, UrbanV aims to debut in the air taxi market as early as 2024. Last October at Fiumicino took place on test of the volocopter (from the name of the German manufacturer), which took off for five minutes, traveling at a speed of 40 km/h and at an altitude of 40 metres. The aircraft used was designed to allow passengers to make rapid and emission-free flights in urban environments, both on particularly busy land routes and above water flows.

Rebranding operation

In view of the commercial debut, UrbanV has carried out a rebranding, with a new logo and a new online site that bear witness to the evolution of the company in the direction of innovation and sustainability. “It is not just an aesthetic operation, but the testimony of our commitment on the frontiers of the market”, concludes the CEO.


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